If It’s A PC Exclusive With No Multiplayer, You Better Believe Hard Reset’s Trailer Is All About Gameplay

If It’s A PC Exclusive With No Multiplayer, You Better Believe Hard Reset’s Trailer Is All About Gameplay

The Polish super-team building the cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset must think it’s 1996 or something. The game is a PC exclusive, has no multiplayer, and although it was announced last month, it’s coming out later this year. That’s how things used to get done around here.

Flying Wild Hog dropped that gameplay trailer on Friday in an interview with GameSpot, in which the gang explains why they focused solely on singleplayer: “If you want to show some amazing graphics, it’s better and easier to develop the game for PCs,” FWH’s Michal Szustak said. “Also, in the era of movie-like shooters almost “on rails,” with player-environment interaction as limited as possible, we wanted to create a game for old-school PC players, raised on all those forgotten Dooms, Quakes, and Painkillers.”

Szustak says that multiplayer could have been a check-in-the-box add-on but it would have meant making a game that is inferior to other multiplayer shooters instead of something distinct. It’s also a good bet that eschewing online multiplayer and a console release is a big reason it can be delivered so quickly.

Hard Reset, the PC-Only, Old-School FPS [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


  • I read the interview at gamespot, and what he said was everything PC gamers wanted. I am hoping that no one Pirates this game and the something like 10 million who pirated black ops bought this game, PC gaming will be better off in the future.

  • YAY for us PC gamers getting an exclusive 😛

    I’m also somewhat intrigued by Szustak saying “it would have meant making a game that is inferior to other multiplayer shooters”. MP Shooters are a paint-by-numbers affair nowadays so what does that say about the FPS mechanics being used in this game?

    Either way looks really cool so definitely something to keep an eye on.

    • The problem with online focused games is aeverything has to be balanced. You might notice there’s no BFG9000 in CoD. The pistol is so good in Halo simply because if that’s all you’ve got you’re still in the game. When you only do single player you can make overpowered weapons, suit mechanics, psy-abilities, etc that would break multiplayer.

      • Balance isn’t exactly hard by any stretch in an FPS multiplayer, it’s actually not that different to singleplayer.

        In terms of how the BFG worked compared to other weapons, it’s CoD equivalent would be any of the missile launchers; lower ammo count, slower firing rate and harder to hit the target which balances out the extreme damage.

        Something like suit mechanics we’ve seen in Crysis MP and they employed minimal changes to what was found in SP.

        As for things like psy-abilities, they’d be no different to weapons or suit mechanics depending on the particular ability.

  • I hope they either have some pretty solid DRM on this thing, or if they don’t they go absolutely nuts at all the people who pirate it and make them feel like the suck-wad plague of rodents that they are.

  • Man certainly knows how to talk the talk. I’m intrigued by how this turns out. For all CD Projekt’s talk about PC gaming and rpgs, the witcher 2 was an incredibly consolised game (first pc exclusive that plays like a crappy port I gotta say) with minimal roleplaying and only one real choice to the game so I’m a tad skeptical given this has some of the same devs. Either way…if this is as good as it sounds I hope it does well and I’m in.

  • The hud reminds me of Jedi Outcast. I want this game just for the fact it has a health bar. HEALTH BAR. I hope it has med-packs, so we can argue the realistic merits between them and regen.

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