Long Rumored Syndicate Reboot Now Rumored For Gamescom

Long Rumored Syndicate Reboot Now Rumored For Gamescom

Starbreeze Studios, maker of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness, have been working on the secretive “Project Redlime” for years, a game frequently rumoured to revive Bullfrog Productions Syndicate. After years of speculation, we may finally see that game next week.

Or so goes the latest Syndicate/Project Redlime rumour. According to fan site PlaySyndicate.de, one of the game designers working on Project Redlime tweeted earlier today — then pulled — the following tease: “Grand moment approaching. The reveal for #starbreeze and EA’s project #redlime time to meet the press.”

If true — and if Redlime is Syndicate — that could make for a very interesting Gamescom 2011, if only so that we can put this rumour and speculation behind us. What will be even more interesting will be how EA and Starbreeze might transform this real-time tactical cyberpunk game into something more modern. — meaning, will they take the XCOM route?

Electronic Arts will be at Gamescom next week in full force, holding a press conference next Tuesday and holding some behind-closed-doors meetings. Kotaku will be there too, so we’ll let you know what we see.

Gamescom: EA-Starbreeze’s Syndicate bzw. Redlime [PlaySyndicate.de via VG247]


  • After having my optimism rewarded by the R18+ announcement, I’m hoisting my hopes high for this one.
    As long as they have cyb-aug agents and persuadotrons, I’ll be happy.

  • this had better not be a disppointment. After recent happenings, I just might have to FUCKING KILL someone if they screw this up!

    • Don’t worry, welbot. Starbreeze were very faithful to the spirit of Riddick and the Darkness, Syndicate should be in good hands.

      Still, if it turns out not to be Syndicate I’ll hand you the implement of death.

      • I strongly disagree, EA owns the rights to Sydicate and they will rape the fanbase into the ground like they did with Command and Conquer.

  • A fps is still ok for Syndicate as long as its tactically minded and not a mindless shooter like CoD. Make it like Deus Ex and we’ll cream ourselves 🙂

    • Let’s be honest, even just the tiniest of tweakings to the original would make most of us happy. Make it Win7 compatible, upscale and spruce up the graphics for modern resolutions, oh and let us rotate the camera view. Bada bing, bada boom – and my money would be theirs.

      • Syndicate, the original, lends itself to being the PERFECT Xbox Live/PSN game for a remake. Give it hi def graphics, online competitive play, a ranking ladder… imagine how kickass it could be?

        The controls only ever needed two buttons. The others can be used for selecting agents etc on the fly. It could work magnificently.

  • I have been hoping/quietly praying for a Syndicate reboot for a long time. Could be excellent on the current generation of consoles/gaming PC’s…

    A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, one hopes…

  • I actually love Syndicate Wars on the PS1. The control scheme worked really well for it. I’m hoping for a similar idea for this new one. I remember making it to the second last stage and my memory card wiped. Never replayed it because of the frustration it caused to get to that point. But oh that frustration was awesome.

  • I hope they keep more to the originals roots than what 2K have done with XCOM, only to stick it up 2K’s comment about how tactical gaming is no longer “innovative”


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