Nintendo's Helpful Advice On Where To Get Tips For Your Games

Nintendo's Power Line used to be amazing. In the days before the internet it was personalised gaming assistance. Like Gamefaqs turning up at your door with a hint lying elegantly on a silver platter.

You'd punch in a phone number, get help, then your parents would foot the enormous bill, at zero cost to you. It was perfect.

These days, of course, Nintendo doesn't bother with that. Yet still feels compelled to offer advice on where to get tips on its product information. Leaving us with the awkward message above that, in typical Nintendo-and-the-internet fashion, can't even spell "walkthrough" properly.

Nintendo has given up on the Nintendo Hotline and tells you to just fucking google it [Reddit]

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    Best place I got gaming advice was Sir-Tech. Early 90s, stuck in Wizardry V. I rang their US office, got some great advice over the phone and they posted out a heap of information as well (maps etc.).

    My parents would never let me ring through to these help hotlines when I was a young'n because they were "a scam", so I would just sit there stuck, forever.

    Wouldn't it make more sense for Nintendo to plug the official strategy guides or something though? People still buy those for some reason. xD

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