Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Screens Have Forgotten Something

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Screens Have Forgotten Something

This is not the Silent Hill you know. Headed for the PS Vita in early 2012, Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a multiplayer title with an overhead isometric view. Not exactly the lonely foggy world most of us remember.

While the game exists out of canon, these new screens feature heavily-armed characters, at least for Silent Hill standards. Watch out, Pyramid Head, we brought friends this time.


  • So this is Diablo basically. You know what, thats got potential, Diablo was after all a fun as hell game. I sure as hell am not buying Diablo 3 after Blizzard went to the EA school of customer relations and good decisions.
    If you just accept that this will not be silent hill 2.5, the setting and monsters could make this a really fun and even lightly atmospheric game – Diablo 1 and 2 certainly had their creepy moments, just creepy in a different way.

  • That just ruins it. I’m so fed up with people ruining the franchise. If I could program I would make my own. They’ve ruined the mood and there will be no scares. It’s not even survival horror anymore.

  • This is so far beyond any of the previous somewhat failed Silent Hill games, this is the only one that I will simply have no interest in and wouldn’t play if it was given to me for free, let alone actually pay for it.

    Still looking forward to Downpour, on the other hand.

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