The Adventures Of Tintin Game Looks Pretty

Whether or not The Adventures of Tintin: The Game will turn out to be as good as we think it can be, rest assured that it does look very, very pretty. And pretty is a language everyone speaks, which I think is a reasonable conclusion to make after learning how to say "The Adventures of Tintin" in six different languages thanks to this new batch of screens.


    Blistering barnacles!

    Billions of blistering blue barnacles!!! LOOKS AWESOME i cant wait till i can play such a wicked game

    LOL @ "Kuifje de game!"


    oh wait, Ubisoft...

    nevermind then (PC gamer)

    "The Adventures Of Tintin Game Looks Pretty"

    I think you forgot the "crap" at the end of it. only redemption, if you can kill your dog snowy over and over in many hilarious ways

    xarn, that's some messed up thinking there...

    looks pretty mediocre, if anything...

    I realise Tintin has a pretty simple art style, but something about those screens look "last gen" to me... Shame, because I liked the comics

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