The GTA III Trilogy Hits The Mac App Store

Rockstar has announced that the GTA III trilogy, which was originally released on the PS2 and PC, will be made available on the Mac App Store in the coming month.

Grand Theft Auto III is already available on the store, with GTA: Vice City being released on August 25 and GTA: San Andreas on September 1.

Each game will be priced at $15.99.



    So this means we'll see a Steam release which means i'll own them?

      Nope, Bioshock and countless others aren't on steam, so don't hold your breath.

        One can hope though! Even though I hardly ever use Steam on my Mac.

    lol still not enticed to move from my PC's if I have to wait a few years just to get the same games >_>

      More than a few years, dude. I think GTA 3 came out in like 2001.

    honeycomb please.


    come on.... please?

      Those in the know - reckon they could code GTA 3 for Tegra 2?

        The Tegra 2 in comparison to the PS2 -

        CPU: 1ghz vs 300mhz
        Memory: 512mb+ (variable) vs 32mb
        GPU: 333mhz vs 147mhz
        GPU Memory: 'carveout space' of 128mb vs 4mb (plus non-video RAM)

        Keep in mind that the PS2 has a lower resolution (480p), but the Tegra 2 is still more powerful by several folds.

        The GTA III series also ran on the RenderWare Engine which was pretty widely used and documented, so I'd say it's technically possible. Remember that Rockstar ported two of the games to PSP without any real issues, and that device was pretty similar to the PS2 in terms of power.


          I'd pay so much to play real GTA on my tablet.

          I'm pretty sure dual virtual thumbsticks would work pretty well. Certainly be better than one thumbstick on PSP.

          Rockstar?? Money here for you....

            Ugh, touch controls on a 3D GTA? I'd rather be repeatedly hit with a shovel.

    Mac is never going to rival PC gaming, however this is a welcome step in the right direction and can only make the PC games industry stronger as a whole.

    The story here's more to do with it being on the App store; the port to Mac happened a while ago. This is just an easier, cheaper way to buy them.

    Which I'm trying to convince myself not to do.

    Yes. Trying very hard.


    Updated HD versions next please! :)

    I tried it on my 2011 iMac core i7 with Lion 10.7.2 beta and it doesn't work. :( It's a Cider port and lion puts higher permissions on the /Library folder preventing Cider from adding a preferences folder. My own port of GTA_SA did the same think on normal Lion 10.7.0. I however was able to fix my GTA_SA by manually adding the folder but I'm unable to do this with the App Store version of GTA3. Back to my XBox 360 i go...

    Turns out I was wrong. Works fine on my dirty old MacBook 13" white model running same 10.7.2 version of lion. Now I really don't know.

    I just bought this, will be interested to see how it plays on my Late 2009 iMac....

    In bigger news,

    Duke on Mac in reasonable timeframe.

    What what what.

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