The Razer Blade Is Gaming’s Deadliest New Laptop

The Razer Blade Is Gaming’s Deadliest New Laptop

The death of PC gaming, it turns out, will be stopped by a new, multiscreen, ultra-thin 17-inch laptop from Razer.

Accessory-maker Razer today unveiled their first laptop, codenamed the Blade. The laptop was developed with NVIDIA and Intel and features a 17-inch screen, weighs about 3kg and is .88 inches thin. The laptop also includes the “Switchblade” UI which allows you to put hotkeys, macros and skills on 10 adaptive tactile keys with matching icons.

Beneath that, an ultra-sensitive LCD multi-touch panel displays in-game info such as quests and chat messages. It can also be used as a multi-touch track pad if you want to leave your Razer mouse at home. Everything you need to dominate is at your fingertips.

The news comes as the countdown ends on the PC Gaming is Not Dead website created by Razer earlier this month.

The laptop looks like it may be an iteration of the Razer Switchblade, a micro notebook with customisable LED keys that puts PC gaming in the palm of players’ hands, was introduced back in January at CES. At the time I had a chance to speak with Robert Krakoff, president of Razer, about his hopes for the slick prototype.

That early version is about the size of a small hardback when folded up. It opened to show a 7-inch touchscreen and a smallish keyboard. The keys on the keyboard can all change on the fly to show anything from a standard text English-language keyboard to gaming icons to anything picture a modder whats to slap into a key.

At the time Krakoff said he wanted to make sure the Razer device has significant support within the gaming industry before they launched it. I asked if there was potential for the device, which runs on Windows 7 and has a custom user interface, to be branded. For instance, could there be a World of Warcraft or Blizzard Switchblade in the future, or perhaps a Switchblade that comes preloaded with Valve’s game-download service Steam.


  • This whole article felt like a sponsored ad. The hysteria around “PC gaming is dead” is total BS. It’ll be dead once it’s DEAD. No exceptions & it’s well and truely more alive than it’s ever been…

    Get over it already, stop trying to “revive it” & make some better games.

  • Gotta say I love the look of that laptop! Could be a purchase for to replace the other halfs G71, but at US $2500? ouch..

  • I think they got this ass backwards. The death of PC gaming is exactly because of the price of entry.

    Who’s gonna cough up that sort of money when they can get a PS 3 and PSP for half the price? The majority of reasons I hear for people turning to console gaming is because it’s cheap(er than getting a “gaming rig”, a nonsense but that’s another issue altogether) and requires little to no tinkering and upgrading.

    Wanna “revive” PC gaming? Dispel the expensive myth.

  • Why is that everything to do with gaming involves keys that glow? I don’t think glowing letters exactly cause me to enjoy a game more.

    • many gamers myself included like to play until the wee hours of the morning with the lights off, therefore the keys are invisible. and because they insist on making laptop keyboards these shitty soft touch keys, i constantly press the wrong button dammit!

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