These Wii Peripherals Are Getting Out Of Hand

When it takes up half your living room floor and doesn't stop you from coming dead last, you need to question the worth in investing in a WiiCanoe.

Note: German Wii attendants become slightly creeped out when you get into the canoe with them.



    Is it at least useable as a real canoe or perhaps as a floating bar in a pool or something?

    I can't wait to buy my first WiiCar & WiiBike lol what were they thinking. I can't see anyone buying one of these just to sit in it & look retarded waving their arms around.

      Don't laugh, there actually is a wiiBike.
      here. And it's available at your local Big W.

    Could be worse, it could have a ping pong ball on the end that makes it look more like some weird sex toy...


    "These KotakuUS articles are getting out of hand"

    When it only takes up less than half a paragraph and doesn't make you look like a journalist you need to question the worth in posting these on KotakuAU.

    Note: People outside of the US don't appreciate journalism of the Fox News variety.

      I don't even want to know what uses a full sized canoe with a ping pong ball on the end would have as a sex toy.


        I almost spat my drink

    You could be a real canoe.

      This. You don't think the canoe is for show at all?

      These articles get worse all the time.

    If this is the level of your journalism Luke, please move to America. You'd fit right in, and we don't want you to drag Mark down to your level by proximity.

    The only Wii accessory I own is dual remote charger, its actually useful lol

    I was disappointed the wii stripper pole never materialized, soooooo wanted my wife in on that!

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