This Custom Arkham City Xbox Could Be Yours

I love custom 360s. The best custom jobs take into account all the details of the console, transforming the 360 instead of simply applying a new skin.

Xbox's facebook page now includes a mysterious photo album titled ????. The images in the album are a gorgeous custom Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360, which is up for grabs this weekend at PAX. You've got to stop in at the Warner Bros games booth to enter.

According to the page, there will be opportunities to win another Arkham 360, even if you're not at the convention this weekend. Details about how to win are forthcoming.

Though the gallery is limited, you can already tell plenty of care has gone into this custom job.



    I thought you said this was more than just applying a skin?


      Well it's not a vinyl skin stuck over the top of the existing shell...

    Please let me have the chance to win this...PLEASE..Please..PLEASE!!!!!!

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