This Is Why Some People Call El Shaddai A Visual Masterpiece

This Is Why Some People Call El Shaddai A Visual Masterpiece

In a little over five minutes, I can show you why people who play the strangely named video game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron rave about its graphics.

I knew this game was going be a visual feast. I knew it was our video game Fantasia (and an odd, interactive quasi-religious text). But until I started playing it about a week ago, I underestimated how visually diverse and stunning the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game is.

Take a look. What you’ll see is just a handful of the many visual styles I’ve encountered in the first half of the game. These are graphical spoilers that I think you’ll enjoy.


  • This doesnt look like a vidual masterpiece at all. A game critic might say its stylish, but from a developer’s perspective, it looks more like they didnt have much resources for art, and used this style as a way to finish the game.

    You see this more commonly now as more indies start releasing games, but having silhouette-only minimal art games is going to stop being ‘stylish’ and start becoming derivative very soon.

    • Well if you don’t have enough resources why not make the best out of it? I’m quite impressed this game looks like an art compendium of the last few centuries mixed with a healthy doze of Rez.

  • i don’t buy the “not enough resources, so make it stylised” argument.
    You’d prefer all games look the same, with the artistic direction being the same for each and every title?

  • Whilst the game does look beautiful, it gets very boring, very quickly.

    At first I found the combat system to be quite elegant, in that it lacked any flashy moves or combos that would serve only as superficial contributions to a system that highlights precise timing and reactions.

    However after having made it a good four hours into the game, I’m pretty disappointed that there’s almost nothing new or exciting in regards to actual gameplay from that point on. The story certainly isn’t enough to draw me in further, and although it does look and sound beautiful, it doesn’t have the exciting gameplay to prolong my interest in it.

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