Total War Goes Back To Japan With New Expansion

Total War Goes Back To Japan With New Expansion

After a range of teeny little downloadable content packs, Creative Assembly’s Total War: Shogun 2 will next month be getting its first serious expansion, called Rise of the Samurai.

It sends the game back in time (well, further back in time), and kicks off 400 years before the events of Shogun 2. As such, while it retains the same game map, it introduces a whole new campaign, with six new playable clans replacing those from the main game.

Because of the time shift, there are also new units, as many of the existing ones hadn’t been invented yet. So there are 16 new land units, 10 new naval units, four new agents and four new hero units.

It’ll be out in September.

In case you missed it, Shogun 2 was released earlier this year, and it blew my socks off.


  • Man… I got Shogun 2 Spec Edition, I still haven’t played past turn 10 or something pathetic like that.

    It runs fantastically, looks gorgeous, I understand the strategy and the tactics, but the setting seems to have left me… cold. It doesn’t grab my interest as much as I want it to.

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