Decide-O-Tron 8000 Extrudes My 10 Favourite Games

Penny Arcade's game-suggesting iPhone app, Decide-O-Tron, is starting to showcase the favourite games of folks perhaps familiar to gamers. They've got the favourites of PA's Gabe and Tycho, Xbox 360's Major Nelson and now Kotaku's me.

My list of favourite's went up last night. I've never been very good at this list-making thing because my memory is absolutely crap, but this list (which I was asked to keep to mostly modern titles) does include some of my all-time favourites. A couple didn't make the list because I worried they were just too old (Space Invaders, Atari's Basic Programming, the first Diablo) and I'm sure I completely forgot some too.

But here goes, click through the list to see my picks and then drop into comments to tell me yours so I can realise I completely forgot to mention that one game I loved the hell out of.

Decide-o-Tron 800 Home Page [Official Website]

10. Syndicate (1993): I played the hell out of this game when it first came out. Lots of long nights with wonderful memories.

9. Far Cry: I still remember taking the time in PC multiplayer to swim to a distant island, hike around the bike of a mountain, climb the mountain, find a spot to lay and then, eventually, snipe someone from a distance so far away that I could barely seem them through the scope.

8. Alan Wake: Loved, LOVED, the story in this game. Really wish they hadn't released the DLC though.

7. Age of Empires: Online: Heresy I know, but this has the added bonus (over the other wonderful Age of Empire games) of being the first major strategy game I've played with my son... for hours and hours and hours.

6. Max Payne (2001): I'm still sorta scarred from those wandering dream sequences that featured the crying baby. I played this game late at night in my Colorado basement. This game came out the same year Tristan was born, so those harrowing sounds were even more impactful for me.

5. Portal: So great. I've never had a game sneak up on my so thoroughly. I doubt I ever will again.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: This game recreated the shooter in so many wonderful ways.

3. Grand Theft Auto IV: My favourite of the Grand Theft Auto games. I loved the character arc and the way the game wrapped up.

2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: The voice acting and the story really made me care about what happened in this game. When it ended I was left with the same feeling I have after watching a great movie.

1. X-Com: Terror From The Deep: I've only ever had one completely self-absorbed "summer of brian" in my life and I spent almost the entire thing playing this game, drinking beer and eating absurdly large hoagies. I regret nothing.


    Waaaaaaaa I want an Android version.

    Nice top 10 though. I would have personally gone for Vice City over gta 4 though.

    Maybe some Steam integration would be nice.

    Goes off either PSN or Xbox Gamertag

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