Penny Arcade's Decide-o-Tron 8000 Knows What Game You Should Play Next

Being the inferior meat-based life forms we are, gamers often get confused about which games they should be playing. A hardcore first-person shooter finds himself playing Bratz Ponies. It's inexplicable. If only there were a robotic intelligence that could guide our purchases, perhaps from the creators of the most beloved gaming webcomics of all time?

No, not VGCats. It would never get done.

No, I speak of Penny Arcade, and they have indeed given birth to just such an artificial intelligence in the Decide-o-Tron 8000, coming soon to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that you might own.

How does it work? The player inputs a list of games they've played, games they own, games they love, games they've slept with naked, and so on. The Decide-o-Tron 8000 uses that data to store preferences, which are in turn used to make recommendations for games on any platform from this generation or the generation previous, including downloadable games and PC titles.

Along with game recommendations the Decide-o-Tron 8000 also generates wish lists (which can be emailed to your parents' computer boxes) and will regularly feature the gaming playlists of notable celebrity gamers like Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins.

I shall download this when it arrives, if only because I can never have enough icons on my iPhone.

Decide-o-Tron 800 Home Page [Official Website]


    I know they are apple-fags, but omg why does everything not come out on both iOS _and_ Android??

    Nice of them to put it on the iOS platform...let's not put it online or pick a portable device OS that actually holds decent marketshare to reach the most people...

    IOS exclusives are stupid.

    -1 penny arcade

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