Early Dark Souls Players Thwarted In Typically Brutal Fashion

Dark Souls doesn't launch in Japan until tomorrow, but some players have managed to get their hands on copies early and are playing away without a care in the world. That is, until From Software invades their games with level 145 Black Phantoms.

Utilising Dark Souls' game-invading mechanic to their advantage, the folks at From Software keep early Japanese players in check by sending the most powerful Black Phantoms possible into their games. The folks at Edge compared one of the invaders' stats (level 145, 1900HP, and all abilities at the maximum 99) to their reviewers, and they didn't even come close, even after 60 hours of play.

I'd advise early Japanese Dark Souls owners to avoid playing until the game launches, but this sounds too cool to pass up. Just try to die with some dignity.

From Software thwarts early Dark Souls players [Edge]


    That's just... Really, really cool :D

    Now that is how you do it, no lame bans just ensure they are slaughtered mercilessly if they play.

    Hahah, that's awesome!

    Great idea, just hope it doesn't get exploited down the track by some meddling smart ass (arse - if you don't like Americanisms).

      phantom invasions were limited to level groupings (cant remember the specifics say 1-10, 11-20 etc) in Demon's Souls, and i cant imagine them removing that limitation from the 'full game' but it seems From Software can do whatever they like at the moment.

        You could only be invaded by someone no more than 10 levels below or above your own.

        I don't think they'd let anyone invade your game of any level, it was bad enough in the first one. (not a complaint, more of an observation) I think as the developers they may just have the keys to the game. =)

        There were time I was playing through particularly difficult parts that I deliberately disconnected from PSN just so I wouldn't get invaded.

          you were not the only one... NG+ 1st level was always played offline.

    wow.. they just won my pre-order

    So awesomeee!

    That's a neat way to deal with trolls. Invade their world with the most powerful black phantom and let them deal with it.

    I hope we get youtube videos out of this! Would love to see it hahaha

    Or you could just play offline! Bahahaha

    That's just harsh. Why punish the players for the distributors' and retailers' actions :(


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