GameStop Launching Its Own Android Gaming Tablet

Still not convinced that mobile and tablet games are real video games? Gamestop doesn't agree.

The largest retailer of video games in the world today said that they are prepping to launch their own brand of Android gaming tablet next year, something they are calling a "GameStop certified gaming platform."

What's that mean. We're not really sure, but we've reached out to GameStop for more details. We do know that this also seems to tie into the previously reported news that the retailer would be taking iOS devices as trade-ins which can then be used for store credit.

It's a strange, brave new world out that and GameStop is all over trying to be at the top of this new heap.

GameStop Now Accepting iOS Device Trade-Ins Nationwide [Gamasutra]


    Or, in other words, they're now able to source themselves a cheap Android tablet and are going to stick a GameStop sticker on it.

    It means it steals all of your money and then you have to call up a foreign call center for help and they'll say:; no no me so sorry not understand english we have your money hehe goodbye.

    Somebody put a leash on Gamestop please, they're up to something.

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