Get A Little Half-Life, Day Of The Tentacle In Your Magicka

Get A Little Half-Life, Day Of The Tentacle In Your Magicka

There’s a new piece of downloadable content for PC co-op shooter (spellcaster?) Magicka called the “Gamer Bundle”. Normally I don’t look twice at a pack offering mere player skins, but these are no mere player skins.

The three new robes for your wizards are heavily inspired by three of the best PC games ever made. One gives a headcrab and crowbar from Half-Life. Another decks them out like a World of Warcraft character. And the third, and most awesome of the lot, dresses a little wizard up like a Day of the Tentacle cosplayer.

The pack is $US2, and is available on Steam.


  • whilst I don’t approve of the current DLC trends used for several Paradox games (particularly Magicka and Cities in Motion, considering the base pricing for many items and what some of the items are), the creativity illustrated by the Magicka devs certainly makes it worthwhile to support during the not-infrequent sales (the recent Paradox deals were a great way to pick up cheap DLC and bundles for these games) …especially since several of their paid DLCs release in parallel with freebies (I believe the Gamer Bundle update added a free TRON robe in this instance)

    • Pretty sure that the TRON and Space Marine ‘robes’ were added for free, with no need to purchase the gamer bundle at all

      That said, love the look the tentacle, might have to pick that up at some stage

      • that’s what I meant – the TRON robe being a freebie added with the update (since the updates include the DLC but you need to pay to unlock the rest of it). I had forgotten which of the others was also free which is why I only mentioned the TRON one.

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