Harley Quinn's Saucy Arkham Mo-Cap Was Actually Done By A Dude

Thanks for ruining that, IGN. If you want to rehabilitate your loving memory of Batman's clown princess, I suggest a glance here.


    Why even post this? Why destroy the illusion!? Why!?

    New fun fact for use in later Let's Play recordings acquired.

    There's some more of the mo cap stuff here:



    It could be a trained monkey doing it... doesn't change the fact that it's a female in game... and besides that... who gets turned on by polygons? Besides Japanese people.

      Hell, I get a major sensual throbbing hard-on for everything KONPYUTAAAAAA!

      Besides if we're going to compare a fully realized CG character to a single building block of it's composition.

      Then someone in the world is jacking off to a dab of paint, right now.

      Totally makes sense, no gets turned on by music either since it's composed of vibrations. Who the hell would think vibrations are sexy, what a freak they'd be.

      Most incomplete logic.


    That, That...

    Dude look like a lady!

    That, That...

    Dude look like a lady!

    I don't care. That guy has SWAGGAHH.

    The sexy ass wiggle walking animation that Lilith does in Borderlands was also done by a dude.

    From The Crying Game to The Crying Gamers.

    Never going to IGN ever again.

    This isn't that uncommon a practice.

    Kitana? Mileena? Jade? Sonya?

    Yeah... those were all Carlos Pesina for like 3 or 4 games at least ;-P

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