Ever Considered A Career In Morally Questionable Pharmaceuticals?

Looking for a new line of work? Do you know anything about the potential harmful effects of shady experimental drugs and mad scientist-level bioengineering? No? Then you sound perfect for the Umbrella Corporation.

That's right, the fictional pharmaceutical giant and antagonist of many a Resident Evil game is kicking off a big recruitment drive today, looking for new employees that wish to be turned into "something incredible". Perhaps they're looking for more manpower for this Operation Raccoon City I've been hearing so much about lately.

The website seems a little glitchy, but it should load fine. Hopefully it doesn't get hacked so that it leads to an ARG-like social media marketing campaign, because that would suck.

Umbrella Sciences [Recruitment Page via Capcom Unity]


    Damn. I really want to work for a company like that. And yes, I know they are evil, thats why I want to work for them.

      Steve jobs by any chance. Cause I think he just stopped working for a corporation like that.

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