Is A Man Not Entitled To A PC Casemod Based On BioShock?

Hungarian BioShock fan Gregory Mórocz wanted to build himself a new PC, so he built himself a new BioShock-flavoured PC. Look at it. Isn't it wonderful?

Having spent years working on the thing, it's now finished, and he's called it, what else, Welcome to Rapture. In addition to the authentic art deco styling, there's a Fontaine Futuristics logo on it, and even a Rapture emblem on the side.

You can see some pics in the gallery above, with Mórocz's site (in Hungarian) below.

Hihetetlen BioShock számítógép mod, Magyarországról! [BioShock Centrum, via Irrational]


    Where't he typewriter styled keyboard that goes with it? :-P.

      ...and the steam powered mouse

    Nice, but for Bioshock mods I still like the mineral oil one better.

    That is rad! Definitely gonna have to take a stab at making a Bioshock case mod now.

    Holy fucking fuck yea!

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