Might This Be A Sign Of A Coming Mass Effect Facebook Game?

Inside Social Games reports that BioWare San Francisco (formerly EA's EA2D studio) has posted a want-ad for a producer to lead a new social gaming project.

Given the timing and the success of the company's Dragon Age: Legends tie-in game, it's certainly possible that the studio is planning the launch of a social game set in the Mass Effect universe. The fact that the job posting describes the project as a "social game for gamers" certainly sets off my "this is based on a console franchise" alert.

Our friend A.J. Glasser agrees at Inside Social Games agrees, writing:

EA doesn't seem like it would hold back from pushing for its EA Partner studios (like BioWare) for more social games after getting favourable results from Dragon Age and The Sims.

As far as Mass Effect goes, we'll have to wait and see what shakes out on Facebook as the console game's March 6, 2012 release date approaches. … It's also worth noting that the official fan Page(maintained through the Mass Effect 2 Page) has 739,036 Likes as of today - a healthy pool of potential players for a Mass Effect social game.

While I didn't love Dragon Age: Legends, I was surprised at how much I liked it, and a similar game set in the Mass Effect universe could be a fun way to while away the hours while waiting for the full game to release next March.

...or, it could be a the second coming of the disastrous iOS game Mass Effect Galaxy. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Could BioWare Be Preparing a Mass Effect Social Game? [Inside Social Games]


    I thought Mass Effect Galaxy was ok - especially the cutscenes and the story. The gameplay was very basic however. Still, Im glad they tried the experiment. A social game based on Mass Effect would definitely peak my interest - but dont forget there is also another ME novel on the way to help while away the hours before ME3.

    If it unlocks items in ME I will play it. Damn my OCD to have all the items!

      I feel your pain. I played DA um... Journeys? exactly long enough to get all the items.

    If it was done well I'd definitely be interested.

    But a cheap 'social media game tie-in' would be frustrating. I'd be cynical and jaded :P

    The facebook game must have been the most successful part of DA2.

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