Modern Warfare 3 Courting Hardcore PC Gamers With LAN Support

Modern Warfare 3 Courting Hardcore PC Gamers With LAN Support

Perhaps seeking to amend some past errors as far as supporting their PC userbase is concerned, Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward have revealed that the third game in the series will feature something many contemporary games feel they can do without: LAN support.

While many other big multiplayer PC games (and former LAN heroes) like StarCraft II do without the feature, Modern Warfare 3 will be including it, meaning people who like to drag computers to other people’s houses to play video games are being looked after.

Combine this with the fact the game will support dedicated servers and we have an unusually PC-friendly version of the game in the works from IW and Activision.

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  • That’s good news! While I don’t do LAN gaming much anymore (and probably won’t be getting MW3), I used to and I’m sure this will be much appreciated by people who still do.

    Nice to know us PC gamers are still being thought of.

  • As a CoD hateboi, kudos to IW/Activision for actually looking after PC gamers.
    Hell I might actually pick it up when I want a break from BF3.

    • They are giving back 2 out of the big 3 things that were left out of MW2 (dedicated servers, LAN support and MOD support). How can you consider this to be to little to late. Are you really that annoyed by their lack of support for one game that you can’t enjoy it when they bring a lot of it back for their next game? Oh and I forgot about free maps, so maybe you do have a point.

  • Sequelvision in their latest press release promise to add a new feature that is really an old feature every year for the next ten! Just keep buying!
    MWF is the new (or old) Madden / NBA 2K etc etc

  • This is why competition is good for the industry. It forces developers not to be slack and keep adding features, modes, support, etc. I admit Im a Battlefield fan but I’ve preordered both games because they are very different and both have their own appeals.

  • Now they just need to make a game that isn’t a copy of one they have previously released and then they can remove the subscription required to access half the features that came with other games they released

      • I don’t know about you but the bc2 I played was no where near what I have seen bf3 is gonna be like. Atleast battlefield 3 is gonna have a new high end engine with decent animations and good looking storyline

        • well with 6+ years between the two titles, you’d bloody hope there is a difference. that is why i said bfbc2, it looks identical to battlefailed 3.

          • Not exactly sure what you’re trying to achieve here. Also I seriously doubt that you’ve even played BC2, because it looks significantly different to BF3.

            In addition, Coopers second comment was in reference to BC2 not Bf2, learn to read.

  • As much as I want to FLAME this, I must admit it’s an excellent card to play for this political battle with BF3. I seriously cannot be bothered lifting my 20kg of kit to a LAN that I’ll end up falling asleep on a couch at around 1am, anyway. I’m sure it’ll appeal to a bunch of my old LAN buddies anyway. Just count me out, I’m a lazy old dude :p (and BF exclusive)

  • So they are giving us back just 2 of the features that were considered standard on all pc fps for over a decade before and that’s supposed to make it all better?

    Sorry, but when they give us back everything then i will consider buying it. If they give us back everything and a little more i’ll consider us even and gladly buy it.

  • this is very cool, not enough games have LAN these days. still buying BF3 though :p will give this game a hire, finish it in one night

  • this should be a standard in all pc games. the xbox and ps3 versions have had lan support, so its not exactly something to thank them for.

    companies are starting to take away these standards – especially with blizzard, who have probably made some of the BEST lan games in the past, now removing lan support

    nonetheless its a good thing that theyre bring back lan, but its unfortunate that it takes a massive competitor threatening to take over their fanbase in order to make these changes (or bring them back). hopefully this once again becomes a standard in pc gaming

      • the point of hamachi is that it works unlike IWnet which always told me i couldnt connect to friends or would be disconnected.

    • The 500 or so people who sign up for every few months would disagree 😛

      The LAN scene is far from dead. If anything, due to the advances in gigabit switches. LCD screens/lighter computers and gaming laptops, it’s bigger than it ever was

      • idk about you, but my PC is quite cumbersome. HAF-X full of goodies.

        Tbh, taking away Dedicated servers and LAN, then returning them doesn’t put them in my good books at all, it just makes me slightly less pissed off towards them

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