New Ultimate Spider-Man Debuts Just In Time For Edge Of Time

New Ultimate Spider-Man Debuts Just In Time For Edge Of Time

Hitting comic book store shelves today, Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 introduces the world to Miles Morales, the African America/Latino replacement for the deceased Peter Parker, and while you can’t play him in Spider-Man: Edge of Time you can definitely dress like him.

Ah, the Ultimate universe, Marvel’s way of making sweeping changes to its established canon without actually changing anything significant. Peter Parker is dead, but he’s not the real Peter Parker, so that’s OK. In his place comes Miles, taking up the mantle of Spider-Man with a few notable wardrobe modifications.

And wouldn’t you know it, you can wear that brand-new costume in Spider-Man: Edge of Time when it comes out next month. You won’t be Miles. You’ll just be wearing his clothes. It’s amazingly appropriate when you think about it.





  • I’m no comic super expert, but I think this storyline is part of some off-shoot ‘elseworlds’ type thing FROM the Ultimate universe… So not technically Ultimate-canon.

    I could be mistaken I suppose, but I remember reading that this was just a short-lived ‘What-if’ thing.

      • ^ Yup. Ultimate Parker is dead and Ultimate dead is usually proper dead. One of the reasons I prefer the Ultimate universe to the established 616 universe stories. They don’t have 40 years of endlessly retconned back crap to deal with.

        My only concern is Marvel bitching out in 18 months if Miles isn’t embraced and ressurecting Parker.

    • Oh, well that’s surprising. On the news when there was a “oh, look Spider-man is not white!” story they mentioned it was a short-term off-shoot story, but I wasn’t willing to put all my faith in a news reporter and some bored intern who likely wrote up the story 😛

      I haven’t kept up with the ultimate continuity like I would’ve liked. I got lost on the main continuity years ago and was really liking the Ultimate stuff but just got busy with life.

      I should try and see if I can catch up, sounds like it’s still pretty interesting. 🙂

  • Hate to be the comic nerd here, but it’s Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 (volume 3) that’s out today. Ultimate Fallout #4 came out months ago

      • Yep, I was in the same boat – saw that and was like “What? Why are they releasing Fallout issue 4!?”

        Can’t wait to get my hands on this… and the new Ultimate X-Men, looking forward to how that turns out. Ultimates issues 1 was alright, but it has a lot to pull off in a short time if it is to stand-up to the Millar era at all.

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