One Small Gripe About Rayman: Origins On The PS Vita

One Small Gripe About Rayman: Origins On The PS Vita

With Rayman: Origins, Rayman is coming to a whole host of platforms this November — including home consoles. Next March, however, it will be released on the PS Vita.

The PS Vita isn’t the same as a PS3 or an Xbox 360. So what’s the difference?

The game looks to be comparable to what players will experience on home consoles. The PS Vita’s OLED screen is stunning, and it might look better than your television. It really does make games sparkle.

The two stages I played, one was in a swamp and the other one was in a desert, were classic Rayman platforming.

On the Vita, X is jump, while square or circle are punch. The thumb stick controls Rayman. The right shoulder button makes Rayman run faster — vital for platforming.

On the 3DS, which is getting Rayman Origins, pressing the right should button, while holding the thumbstick to the right or left, and then pressing X to jump is no problem. On the PS Vita, it’s harder, because the Vita is larger.

While pressing the thumbstick, I found it difficult to stretch my finger up to the right shoulder on the Vita, press the thumb stick and then press X. It would have been easier if the left shoulder button made Rayman run faster as less hand contorting would be required. How can I enjoy this beautiful game when I keep screwing up while running and jumping?

Rayman: Origins will be out next March on the PS Vita.


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