You'll Get To See All Of Rayman Origin's Gorgeous Detail On The PS Vita

Rayman Origins had great gameplay, great reviews, great visuals, great tech and great sound. It was, in a word, great. So, news that it's coming to PlayStation is great, too.

Over on the official PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft rep Alex Monney says that the game's coming to the portable fully intact. Even better, you'll be able to use a pinch gesture on the touchscreen to zoom in on the details of the game's hand-drawn graphics.

Origins on Vita will also feature a Ghost mode where you'll be able to download the speed runs of other players and compete against them. The Vita version of Rayman Origins hits on February 14th.

Rayman Origins [PlayStation Blog]


    I think I might get this.. It's like $30 cheaper than the console versions.

    I have the PS3 version & luv it, i'd consider this if I can transfer saves between the two

    Call me crazy, but I think it would be awesome to see this game running in 3D on the 3DS. Imagine all those zany backgrounds layered, kind of like a puppet show. I'd pick that over pinch to zoom on the Vita any day.

    I'm going to get it, but it's about $20 more expensive than the xbox 360 version if you import from zavvi. I just think that platformers are better on a handheld.

    What kind of pricing on Vita games are we getting in Aus? Hell what kind of pricing are the Vita's themselves? I know it's $350 rrp but what's the actual price stores will flog them for on launch? Hoping for $280 like the 3DS.

    "The Vita version of Rayman Origins hits on February 14th."

    Is this correct release date? The Vita isn't out until Feb 23rd in Aus and around and a day or 2 either side of that in the US.

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