Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Is Coming, Capcom Says

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was a no-show at the Tokyo Game Show, according to our folks on the ground, and it still hasn't gotten a hard release date. Does that mean it could be getting a delay?

Reached for comment this week, Capcom tells Kotaku that the game is no longer targeted for late 2011. When pressed for how definitive the timing is, Capcom said it was "definitely locked in for [northern]winter".

Winter technically runs from December 22 through to March 19 this year, so that gives Capcom a little breathing room. Shall we just call it early 2012? Yes, I think that's safe.


    Please before the March crush.....

    After reading up on what the US studios were doing with this game

    ie. lets make RE into a Splinter Cell Team Based FPS and then throw in EXP + Perks per zombie you kill for bigger badder gunz!

    You will forgive me if I say "pass" That being said i'm sure this will probably open up a new set of "Resident Evil" fans coz of the chaneg up =P

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