Square Enix And Yahoo! Teaming Up For Something

Square Enix, maker of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, is joining forces with Yahoo! Japan's mobile game division for a new project.

Smart money says it's a some sort of social or browser game, sure.

According to the teaser site, which will reveal the new work on October 5, the two are collaborating on a "large scale new title". The last time Square Enix teased a project with Yahoo! Japan, the countdown site said the game company would change Japanese history.

What the world got was a free browser-based web game based on the Warring States period. Japanese history was not changed.

And once again, Square Enix is asking fans to tweet their guesses as to what this title is. Dibs on the "something disappointing" tweet.

大型新作 [Yahoo.co.jp]


    I don't know which company to feel sorrier for.

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