The Jamestown Video Game Set On Mars Seems Historically Inaccurate

They grew corn and tobacco in colonial Jamestown on Mars back in the 1600s. Sir Walter Raleigh took up arms, via a spaceship, to fight the Spanish-Martian alliance.

I don't think any of this is true, but this was history as described to me by Tim Ambrogi, one of the developers of the four-player shoot-em-up called Jamestown that chronicles these events.

If you want to check the authenticity of the game, to see if it matches with history as you know it, check out the $US10 game, which is out now on Steam. It actually came out during E3 in June, which is how I missed our own item about it finally launching. Maybe I should read more of the stories we run on Kotaku from our own Luke Plunkett who has heretofore monopolized coverage of this game around here. Not any more, Luke!

Jamestown was one of the PAX 10, a batch of stellar indie games showcased at this past weekend's Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.


    Great game, old school shooter with modern improvements and 4-way local co-op!
    Only problem is its a bit short..

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