The Splatters Is About The Cheerful Suicide Of Blobs

Before I saw The Splatters this month at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, our own Brian Crecente saw the game, then called Confetti Carnival, at the DICE convention in Las Vegas back in February.

We don't quite have the situation here as described in the great Jorge Luis Borges story about the man he rewrote Don Quixote, but it sure seems like Crecente and I shot similar videos of this simple, clever liquid-physics puzzle game. (Frankly, mine's a bit hard to hear; so be sure to listen to Brian's too.)

The Splatters player is trying to launch short-lived blobs called Splatters to the most stunt-filled deaths possible clearing the board of any explosive liquid they can make fatal contact with along the way. It's sort of like competitive diving mixed with suicidal Angry Birds or something, right?

Check the game out in action here. Expect to be able to play it when it comes out as a downloadable Xbox 360 game some time next year.


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