This LEGO Gears Of War Gun Actually Shoots. And Chainsaws.

LEGO builder extraordinare PLUM B has built this life-sized replica of a Gears of War Lancer rifle that doesn't just look the part, it shoots the part as well.

In the video above, you can see that you can slide magazines in. Then cock the rifle. Then actually shoot at stuff. And when the Locusts get too close, you can fire up the chainsaw, which (sort of) works.

Amazing stuff.

Lego Gears of War Lancer Assault Rifle with firing action and motorised saw blade [The Brothers Brick]


    That whole clip, cocking and firing mechanism is awesome...

    Time to break out the bricks and try to make a similar one :)

    To quote George Haggard, "That is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire life."

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