Yup, That's An Evil Master Chief Punching Hercules At A House Party

The latest episode of The Guild is a universe of geeky stars, with Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku, Chuck's Zach Levi, Colin Ferguson from Eureka, and more join Felicia Day at a party where evil Master Chiefs punch Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo in the kisser.

Why? I have no idea! I'm not caught up on The Guild. But I have a feeling you'll tell me. Episode 8 should be online, like, any time now. (I thought they went up at midnight?)

Watch The Guild [WatchTheGuild.com]


    Kevin Sorbo! Frak yeah!

    You just spoilt all of the cameos Joel. FUCK YOU and the DONKEY YOU RODE IN ON!

    Sorbo *is* Hercules.

    The moment Hercules spoke in God of War III and I recognized his voice I almost peed a little.

    Why did not one piece of promotional material for God of War III mention that HERCULES HIMSELF would be taking part?

      A nice cameo surprise? Or does everyone in this thread/article hate surprises?

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