A Dead Sega Mascot Is Even Deader Now

Forget his flirtation with Nintendo on the Wii. Monkey maraca simulation Samba de Amigo was, is and always will be a Sega icon, a reminder that the Dreamcast was cool, quirky and now very, very dead.

Something this neat shirt captures perfectly. Samba de los Muertos is a new shirt from Meat Bun that takes the adorable little simian and, well, kills him in honour of Mexico's impending Día de los Muertos. Or, Day of the Dead.

It's $US24 from Meat Bun's store. You should probably get one. Trust me, when it says 100% super soft cotton, it damn well means it's super soft cotton. You could put kittens/babies to sleep on these things.

Samba de los Muertos is just one of several new designs over there, the most awesome of which is a Calvin & Hobbes x Mortal Kombat shirt.

Samba de los Muertos [Meat Bun]


    Come on Grim Fandango remake...

    Wait, Dreamcast was cool? Which controller were you using?

      The dreamcast WAS cool, AND the dreamcast controller was great. it was innovative, and comfortable to hold. it's only major flaw, was the cable came out the bottom.

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