Blizzard Auctions Off Entire Worlds Of Warcraft For Charity

Blizzard Auctions Off Entire Worlds Of Warcraft For Charity

Own a piece of World of Warcraft history and help a good cause, as Blizzard prepares to auction off more than 2000 original server blades for St Jude’s Childrens’ Research Hospital.

You’ve owned the server; now’s your chance to actually own the server. Over the next four weeks Blizzard will be auctioning off the server blades that used to house the worlds where thousands of players lived, learned and loved for several years. The developer has upgraded its hardware, so rather than toss all of these cards in the trash they’ve encased them in logo-emblazoned plastic, added a signed plaque and transformed them into collectors’ items easily worth thousands of dollars to the right bidder (and of course St Jude’s as well).

Hit up the link below to see when your server’s blades are going up for sale. Just stay out of my way on week three; Ysera shall be mine.

World of Warcraft Sever Blade Auction Info Page [eBay]


  • wtf ??
    seriously, is WoW IP is nearing it’s end of the lifecycle?

    a couple of days ago it’s the cub mini-pet that you could buy in-real life with real dollars and trade with gold in-game, which by the way ENDORSED by blizzard

    now this shenanigans…

  • ^ Why are these guys getting so uppitty about this? They’re selling off their old server blades (You know, the ones they DON’T USE now), which will likely fetch a very pretty penny from the right collector, and they’re giving all the money to charity! Seems pretty sweet to me!

    • Agreed, although I have to agree the highpoint of WoW has met it’s end. Only a few more years before train of magic tricks is meeting up with the gallows. They should be proud of their billion $ milked hell spawn.

    • Haters gunna hate.

      Personally I think it’s a great idea. Raises money for charity and let’s the hardcore collectors/fans out there get something that’s pretty rare.

  • I’m assuming they wipe them before selling them? If it still literally had the old version of the realm on it.. that would be very cool.

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