Final Fantasy Versus XIII Dude, You’ve Changed

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Dude, You’ve Changed

Back in 2009, Square Enix showed a Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer. In it, FF Versus XIII hero Noctis Lucis Caelum sported a silly name and some magnificent hair. His name is still silly and his hair is still amazing, but dude’s changed.

Over the weekend, what are supposedly new screens from Final Fantasy Versus XIII appeared online. The screens show how the game is coming along–more importantly, how Square Enix’s new development tech is factoring in.

Some FF fans prefer the old Noctis. Some like the new one, especially how Square Enix has refined his character design.

As Japanese commenters are pointing out online, it looks like Noctis has aged. Well, technically he has. That original trailer was shown in 2009. It’s 2011.

And the release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still TBA.

ノクトさん老けこみすぎワロタwwwwwwww他 [オレ的ゲーム]


  • Preferred original Noctis, if I’m going to go all wacky Japanese haircuts in wacky Jap RPGs, I prefer to go all the way to crazy town. New one still looks like “Super Effeminate Man” but now it looks they’re trying for him not to be instead of embracing it. Meh is anyone still reeally interested in this? It was my fav reveal of the show when it premiered… now… whatever, especially after XIII

  • well now he looks like a 12 year old boy instead of a 12 year old girl… so I’d say they’re heading in the right direction at least… by 2015 he should be in the midst of puberty.

  • Well it’s taken them several years to figure out how he’s going to look. We should have Versus XIII in time for the PS5 and Xbox 1080 in 2019, right?

    • I’m pretty sure the base of his jaw is a little lower, his chins a little wider and his eyes are a little smaller. I like it.

  • i like it better, he’s less wacky generic JRPG character with weird hair, i’m not saying he isn’t completely un-generic, but less.

    and i’m still interested in the game… for it to come out, so the devs can work on kingdom hearts 3…

      • yep but tbh i think the last good one was 12 (it really was pretty impressive, had it quirks but it was massive and wasnt so in your face with all the weird jrpg stuff), i liked 10 and most of the earlier ones, so its not like they have failed miserably over and over, its just since 13 i have despised every idea they have had lol, i’m having a lot of trouble holding out hope, i’m close to just saying fuck it never playing an ff again.

  • I’m really looking forward to this game.. Always have been. His new style doesn’t look too bad, I have nothing bad to say about it.

  • Thank god, his hair looks more disheveled and less tub-of-gel. I like it, although they should really release the game already.

  • They’ve really done a lot:
    Darkened the shot
    Brought the angle down to eye level
    Added shadow and blue lighting to the side of his face
    Stares past the camera instead of at it
    And they even managed to open his mouth little to show some teeth

    All that in 2 years, wow they must have been working hard, I cant wait for them to start work on the actual game.

    • Thanks, I was starting to wonder if I was taking crazy pills. The model’s damn near identical if it’s not the same one. His hair’s a bit shinier and it’s a different angle, but that’s it.

  • Is it just me or are they trying to pander to the western audience with this redesign? Less J-Pop Bishonen, more… I dunno, I can’t put my finger on an example.

  • Dunno ’bout you guys but I don’t know why they keep showing us the game and then not, y’know, actually develop the bloody thing.

    Out of the three XIII titles Versus interested me the most. These days I’ve mostly hopped off the Final Fantasy train but I am still remotely interested in Versus.

    Still, can only remain interested for so long Squeenix…

  • I liked Noctis better before…Dx He’s still adorable, but the anime look is mostly gone. And he doesn’t look as Asian T^T I loved that about him <3 I wish Square would change him back.

  • It hasn’t changed, the difference is that one is CGI and the other one is rendered in real time. Just like in FFXIII you have the real time scenes and CGI movies. CGI are more detailed because it is prerendered into a video.

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