Guess Who's Making An Arcade FightStick For Soulcalibur V?

If you've got a big-name fighting game on the way, Mad Catz has your high-quality Arcade Fightstick. Check out the sexy see-through number the stick maker has put together for next year's Soulcalibur V.

It's the same Tournament Edition controller we've reviewed on three separate occasions here at Kotaku, only this time the smoky transparent plastic gives us a glimpse at the inner workings of the stick. Mad Catz is calling it the Soulcalibur V Arcade FightStick Soul Edition, which makes me wonder if a Calibur Edition is around the corner. Probably not.

Look for this puppy to be available for somewhere around $US159.99 in time for the game's early 2012 release.


    I played on this at the EB Games Convention.

    Only just bought one of these a month ago. Had a HORI chump stick before. Best upgrade ever.

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