id: Here's How To Tweak PC Rage, More Settings Incoming

The PC version of Rage will soon have a bevy of new ways for gamers to tweak the way the game behaves and looks on their system, id Software tells Kotaku.

"Rage has fewer tunable settings than games we've released in the past," Robert Duffy, Rage programming director, told Kotaku. "We've added a few more video options in the update that will be available soon and these will provide gamers more flexibility in tuning the game for performance and quality. Additionally we've defaulted several things differently based on CPU/GPU combinations, so that will also help with the overall experience."

"We are still evaluating which options to surface in the update but currently we've added:

1. Texture Cache [ Small | Large ]which alternates between 4k and 8k pages

2. Texture Anisotropy [ Low | High ]

3. V-sync [ Off | On | Smart ]'Smart' will only be available once future drivers come out that supports the extension so Off and On are the only options when the patch initially hits."

John Carmack, Rage's technical director, said he was a "bit surprised at the intensity of the reaction" to the low number of video options.

"We are providing a few more options in an update, and we will probably document some of the more obscure tuning options that can be done manually," he said.

We asked Duffy for a quick run down of what gamers can do now, if they want to much about in the game's console or Steam settings. Here's what he told us:

Here are several ways to change settings but the easiest is through the Steam launch options for the game which are accessible by right clicking on Rage in the Steam Library, choose Properties, and then Set Launch Options. Depending on your setup the following can boost performance and/or quality.

If you have a high-end GPU with at least 1GB+ of dedicated video RAM you can use what we refer to as 8K pages. These pages are effectively the GPU-based texture cache and if the video RAM is available can greatly reduce texture page-in. Please note that if enough video RAM is not available, setting this can drastically reduce performance and this does not always play nice on a 32-bit OS. The following command line can be used to enable 8K textures. (Current valid settings are 4096 or 8192.)

+vt_pageImageSizeUnique 8192 +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly8192 +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly2 8192

Another setting that will prove beneficial to gamers with four or less cores is to try different values for vt_maxppf. This particular setting changes how many texture pages are transcoded per frame. On systems with fewer cores reducing it from the default of 128 can greatly enhance performance and limit texture page-in artefacts. A value of 16 appears to be the best option in cases where the CPU is getting hammered because of fewer cores. The patch defaults this value based on the number of cores present but in the meantime gamers can use the following command line to see if it helps with any issues they may be seeing. (Valid settings for vt_maxppf are 8, 16, 32, 64, 128.)

+vt_maxppf 16

Let us know in comments what you find works best for your system. Also, what other settings you'd like to seen built into the options menu for the PC.

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    I don't know why he would be surprised at the intensity of the gamer's responses. They shipped an uncompleted game, with massively fewer options than pretty much every other pc fps out right now. They didn't pay attention to their client base. iD games is responsible for Quake, DOOM, and so on, so it only follows suit that hardcore gamers would be their audience. A foolish move on their part. Yes its true that they can patch the game, but it should not have been released in such a buggy state. I'm running 2 3gb 580 cards, and a 4.6 cpu, and the game still played like shit. There's no excuse for such a low amount of polish. Wheres the love for the pc guys iD???

      Pfft, no options? When was the last time you saw a PC release with them? Bonus points if you can think of one that isn't using a well-established engine. Extra points if there's more than just "anisotropic filtering and v-sync".

        2 3gb 580 cards, and a 4.6 cpu and the game still played like shit? you're definately doing something wrong roxahris cos i'm running a GeForce 560GTX 1GB and Athlon2 Quad core and the game is running like a dream with cpu transcoding enabled and full textures so keep'll get it right eventually ;)

          oops that was for Dark Eagle lol ;)

            Oh and btw Dark..RAGE doesn't support SLI at present but should in the near future so you might wanna set your nVidia console to use justthe 1 gpu when running RAGE ;)

      Whats with the...hehe... RAGE!? its not like this game is "bad" by any means, not to mention id's response could've been worse, they could've sat there and told you, you're all whiny bitches and told you to screw off, no matter how true that seems to be right now. At least 5 minutes of your time can be taken away from your boring lives to tweak a config file to force the higher end graphics you so viciously desire, and great quality. I honestly don't get where your misplaced frustration comes from. The content of the game is incredible, and at this point you're complaining that you don't have a specific set of menu options.. I mean really? is it that bad? Do you wish you saved your money for Modern Warfare? if so... no wonder you're having issues.. lmao

    Next time I think of buying an id game, ill take that money, put it in a bag and throw it off a cliff. What happened to the good old days ?

    They sold out the PC fanbase and went Meh not our problem we like console money better. Is this where the industry is going, money hungry assholes that just want average graphics and don't push the hardware.

      "money hungry assholes"

      Yeah, how dare they utilise the most financially sound method of making games, which in turn puts bread on their tables.

      God forbid. >.>

      You know, I am a PC gamer but I honestly think your type of attitude is not good for gaming. You seem to put graphics as the highest priority.

      I personally do not give a fuck about 'average graphics' or 'pushing the hardware' - as long as the game is fun as hell and interesting, that's all that matters, and it's why I'll take for example Minecraft over many other games.

        “money hungry assholes”

        Bloody americans.

    I feel like iD and Carmack (as much as I respect the guy) have fallen out of touch with PC gamers.

    The last game they made with 'clue' was Quake 3 / quakelive; it's been downhill from there...

    I still think iD has a very dedicated "core" following in its competitive quake fans - it would be awesome to see a quake V: arena, but I can understand realistically from a business standpoint if they dont make another decent hardcore twitch MP game.

    Makes me wonder, certain PC gamers who think their PC is more powerfull than it is, increasing performance than winging about the game running like shit, haha. Also I think, alot of it comes down to is that Carmack's Nerd-Cock is bigger than theirs, hahaha. If you can build a better engine than do it! It funny how people expect "Infinite Detail" but poopoo actual, ya know Infinite Detail by Euclideon...

      1/10, but what the hell I'll bite, but you dont deserve this reply..

      PC gamers know that their hardware is superior (now by an order of magnitude to current consoles).

      The uproar is not so much about the quality of the game, it is about the quality vs the expectation of game 5+ years in the making, by iD, which until recently used to be considered one of the last bastions of PC gaming. If this was any other company, they would probably be cut some slack.

      Carmack's "Nerd-Cock" while huge, is completely justified in light of his achievements.

      The engine is great from a performance/load point of view. The main problem is that its design is very confident and presumptuous as it does away with almost all settings, and tries to "load-balance" quality to maintain a 60hz framerate.

      Its not so much the tech is crap (it's not), it's that the implementation doesn't suit PC, primarily due to the fact that mouse control involves snappy view changes, which doesnt suit the renderer, but smooth view changes (via a console controller looking) will not force fast enough direction changes to create texture popping.

      Also all "Infinite Detail" demos by Euclideon look like shit compared to Rage (even most old games), and the owner uses marketing speak the entire way, offering no detail on how it is done - usually, one publishes a paper on a new technique, however I can understand he wants to hype up his product and get a competitive edge.

      As for you, thxultra, I dont know how much is genuine stupidity and how much is bait...

        Its my opinion, and it stands.

          But, yeah, I do like to flame the platform fanboys when Im bored, all the while I play my 360, PS3 and do everything else on my PC and enjoy myself

        @pk: Very Very Well said

        "Pay attention to pk's comment folks, it is an immaculate display of someone who thinks before they open their mouth"

        Much respect.

    So go play your atari 2600 if you don't give a shit about quality of graphics. The point is PC is all about graphics, physics aswell as game play. If you want to make a console port for PC just do it and don't go on about being all hardcare PC developers. They fucked up, their engine doesn't work at release, just delay the crap if it doesn't work out of the box on PC don't bring out a dodgy copy that only works on certain video cards, man the fuck up and say you stuffed it and fix it and don't treat PC users as a bunch complete of dumb shits and say just update the drivers.

    I have a GTX 560 Ti with 2GB of memory. I tried increasing the texture memory as specified, but then it started giving me about one frame every seven seconds. I also have GPU Transcode turned on, and the beta Nvidia drivers that are suggested.

    Good to see my practice of waiting 6 months to a year is paying off. Let the early adopters do the testing, so by the time I buy a game the problems will largely be fixed (or I'll have heard if the game's a total dud).

    Keep up the good work, early adopters:).

    The graphics are perfect for me on my system. All I want is a FOV tweak damnit! Is there one yet that I haven't read about?

    Oh, and to all those commenters above: I do want graphics to be to a level higher than console for sure, but I prefer gameplay and controls anyday. As long as they keep the gameplay to a PC level then I'm happy - ie decent number of controls etc etc... which from what I've seen of the 3 hours I've played so far they've done relatively well.

      You hit the nail on the head! Gaming is gaming, whether its console/PC/Handheld. At the moment my PC is useless for gaming, but its the exclusive games that make me want to upgrade - such as Amnesia, The Witcher 1 & 2, Skyrim (for Modding), many others!

      on command line type :
      +cvaradd g_fov 10 -----> means fov = 90

    Having more graphics adjustments on the PC version will be very welcome, as would more driving controls including joystick, mouse and wheel support. Without these the game is rather tedious when driving or racing. It is a major oversight to have ignored PC game controllers in favor of only console gamepads.

    This is one time where the delayed shipping of OzGameShop has come in handy. By the time I get the game at the end of this week, I'll be playing a perfectly patched game with all the gfx options that SHOULD be standard with all major AAA PC releases.

    In the meantime I'm enjoying my 99c version of Rage on the ol' work iPhone 4. It's cool, and works without any tweaking at all. Except the RSI in my hands :)

    So does anyone from "id" read these posts and if so when can we expect to be able to use our Logitech Wingman Force 3D joystick in "Rage"??

    Old news now, but i still feel the need to comment. I have to.

    I was really looking forward to Rage, and when i bought it i still had my old 8800 640mb card and only 2gb of ram. I had some computer issues and have since done some upgrades. The most important being a 6950 2gb card and another gig of ram and Windows 7. The results? SHIT.

    This game ran better on the 8800 then it does on the 6950. Texture pop up seems worse and i cant run the large texture mode at all now. The game crahed on startup till i deleted the video folder and now that its running in small texture mode and with bad popup and choppy performace, im pretty much finished with it.

    John Carmack and id software used to make games that made people upgrade their machines just to play it. The days are gone when John Carmack was the only programmer writing good engines, there are now tons of great engines and despite Johns hatred of DX, its now become dominant and his dedication to open GL has fucked him and everyone else over.

    Its clear that at some point in development, lots and lots of money was put under his nose in an attempt to direct development focus towards consoles. The game reeks of limited console game shit and the game menus and options are even worse.

    What really tops it all off for me though is id's decision to use Steam. Way to go id for jumping on board that bullet train to the future of gaming.

    I've been a diehard supporter (and modder) of all of ids games since Wolf and Doom, i own every one of their games and up untill mid this year, i still owned all the original boxes for these games. (it was time to let go)

    There was a time when id Software were god's and could strongly influence the direction of other developers and hardware sales. But now, they've seen the $$ that can be made in developing console games for kids and have bent over the desk of mediocrity with pants around ankles, arseholes gaping and panting like a carp out of water. This game has truly destroyed all respect i once had for id and i highly doubt i will buy another of their games, let alone devote any more time to playing or trying to patch this epic steaming pile of shit.

    Whats next id? A RAGE dance game featuring all you're favourite mutants and bandits using Kinect?

    Get Farked.

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