Is This The Most Suggestive 3DS Game There Is?

The bar is high. There's already Senran Kagura, a game about ninjas with big boobs, made explicitly to show jiggling jigglies in 3D. So far, that's the watermark. Enter a new challenger.

The game is Onnanoko to Misshitsu ni Itara ○○shichau Kamo Shiranai ("If I Were Locked in a Room with a Girl, I Might BLANK"). It's a locked room game, and the object is to get out. And stare.

According to Famitsu, the game is divided between the real world and the dream world. The real world is set during a school festival, and the goal is get a girl to go out with you. In the dream world, you're locked in a room with a girl, and you both try to escape.

As with most locked rooms, there's a puzzle solving element to getting out. Players are also, Famitsu reports, able to check out the girls from various angles. Perhaps, "If I Were Locked in a Room with a Girl, I'd LEER" might be a better title?

More Here [D3P]


    I believe you meant "benchmark"

      beat me to it

      Or you know watermark, as in high watermark.

    Enough semantics, there's leering to be done!

    Ah Brian and his inevitable Japanese Schoolgirl articles...

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