Next Resident Evil Flick Brings Leon Kennedy To The Big Screen

Milla Jovovich, in her role as wife of the director of lead publicist for the Resident Evil movie franchise, just confirmed that Leon Kennedy will make a live-action debut in the next RE film, where he will be played by Johann Urb.

You might remember Urb from films such as (adjusts glasses, reads from paper) "Eastwick, 2012, The Hottie and the Nottie, 1408, The Mountain, The Bank Job and Strictly Sexual." That's provided you remember those films.

At least the resemblance is there.

RE5's Leon Kennedy Revealed [IGN via Game Informer]


    "played by something called Johann Urb."

    'Something'? You may not recognise the name but at least have the decency to recognise him as a human...

    I hope it was just a typo because Johann Urb is a human not a thing.

    The only resemblance is he's a bottle blonde. That's all. Well, it's another character for Anderson to ruin. I cant wait for the RE series to be rebooted without Andersons involvement.

    i thought that in one of the movies, there was a newspaper article that said that leon died...

    eh, i don't care, i hate these movies, they are just these super action movies now, not horror like the first games were...

    I look forward to the film. Resident Evil, for me, has always been a game series that has gotten far more credit than it's worth. Clunky controls in each game, horrendous camera angles, shallow and clich├ęd stories with no real sense of continuity (kinda like Lost). Sure the games are fun but they were pretty bad as horror games. At least the movies are unabashedly cheesy and don't try to be something they're not.

      Fun? Interesting? Coherent? A good time?

      Agreed, they're most definitely not trying to be any of that.


        A wild fanboy appears.

        RE has always tried to be a well-made, clever, horror game and not once has it achieved that. It will always be the videogame equivalent of b-grade schlock horror.

        Sure it is fun, and it can be at times interesting. But let's try and NOT ignore the fact that as a horror game it's about as clever and well made as a Dino Crisis title.

        It will never match the scares and stories of the Silent Hills or the Alone in the Darks (let's just pretend the 2008 title never happened though).

        Now keep in mind, RE2 is one of my favourite titles of all time. I do thoroughly enjoy the RE games but the praise they get is definitely always aimed at the wrong aspects.

          I feel like you're missing the point Chazz. Whatever the failings of the games (I'm with you on them being more of a chore than anything), the films are just completely useless.

            I wouldn't call them useless. At least they're somewhat entertaining. Solid action, the acting isn't actually that bad, the effects are pretty good. All in all they are solid popcorn flicks.

            Remember, it can always be worse. It could be a Uwe Boll film or the michaelbayformers :P

              hmmm...I gave your argument a thought but then decided nah, I'd take a RE game over an RE movie anyday

    Games may be cheesy but the films are extravagant hogwash!

    Boooo.... Jenson Ackles should be taking this role :(

      While Jenson Ackles is a fantastic actor, he really doesn't fit the role of Leon.

    The movies are awesome (well, except for the 4th one).

    They don't try to be like the games, and I think that's a good thing. Resident Evil 3 (the movie) was pretty much Mad Max with telekinesis and zombies, and it was awesome.

    Seriously, don't really care who from the game they try to introduce.

    They'll just reduce the personality and role of the character anyway. I had hope when Wesker was said to be in the latest movie, but he wasn't nearly as awesome, and the climactic fight scene was pretty meh...

      Particularly when they borrowed it nearly shot by shot from the cutscene from Resident Evil 5 where Jill and Chris fight Wesker in the mansion.

    Alice will save his life at least three times.

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