Oblivion Was 'Generic' -- Skyrim 'All About Creating A World That's Believable'

Bethesda has uploaded a new podcast on its official site, which takes a look at the design of Skyrim's world and the process the artists went through to create it. Needless to say, it's well worth listening to.

According to Lead artist Matt Carofano, a lot of what makes up Skyrim visually was a direct result of the team's work on Oblivion and trying to create something different.

“It was a reaction to what Oblivion was as a game,” said Matt. “Oblivion was a very classic medieval setting, and we felt some of that was a bit generic. We wanted to do something that showed a lot more of the culture of the people who lived there.”

“Skyrim was all about creating a world that seemed believable.”

According to concept artist Adam Adamowicz, the team had a blank slate.

“It was completely blue sky,” claimed Adamowicz. “Todd said, ‘Sit down and draw a bunch of cool, weird [stuff], and we’ll look at it and decide what’s worthwhile and what’s really stupid.’

“We want bad-ass Vikings versus Conan, classic Frank Frazetta, and it’s going to be set in Skyrim, and this is a place that’s going to be a lot more brutal and gritty: draw a bunch of stuff.”

You can listen to the podcast here.

Completely Blue Sky: The Concept of Skyrim [Bethesda]


    Sorry to say, but Skyrim kinda is generic. I mean, Dragons are the most overused thing in Fantasy. At least the Oblivion gats where some what original...

    I am sure it is going to be one AWESOME game, I am just pointing out that the game is a little generic. lol

      Yeah, that game no ones played yet is generic as hell. Generic like Mayo on a cracker.

      Pick up your game, Bethesda. I want "M.C Escher: The game" not "Blandy McSameington: The game"

        M.C Escher: The Game.
        Oh that would be so great, like a platformer on drugs.


            Echochrome is only about half of what MC Escher the game is. It's like, Inception meets Echochrome meets LBP...

      Already splitting hairs?! Have "fun..."

    I haven't had the chance to listen to the podcast, but I would agree with the statement about Oblivion being generic. If they also mean that the world felt more than a little artificial and 'stale' then I would agree more!

    Don't get me wrong - I sunk a crap load of hours into Oblivion. But I always ended up spending more time goofing around than getting invested in the world and story. I loved roaming out and farming stuff, dungeong diving for no reason. But the world (especially the urban centres) always felt so rigid. Thing's weren't helped by the engine they used, which didn't really have the grunt to pull off a lot of things.

    After my time in Oblivion, I was originally quite hesitant about Skyrim. But since announcing the release date, they've done a good job of showcasing it, and I'm probably going to pick it up. Maybe not day 1, but I'll get it.

    Oblivion didn't click for me. Even 20 hours in and i didn't like the story of the characters.

    I wasted a week or so just running around in Oblivion exploring and doing sidequests.

    I've sunk 60 hours into Oblivion and still haven't finished the main quest. It bored me to tears. Every other sidequest is done though :P

      I did the same thing with new Vega.

    I doubt they're going to match the more outlandish feel of Morrowind in this one, TES3 is still the most interesting environment they've done.

    So glad they're going for a Frank Frazetta feel 'cause that's exactly what I want out of Skyrim right now.

    Just gonna play a simple barbarian mercenary. Ignore anything that doesn't offer a reward or promise of loot and completely avoid anything slightly intellectual.

    Find something vaguely threatening? Hit it.
    Find something I don't understand? Hit it.
    Find something scary? Hit it.
    A problem that needs to be solved with diplomacy? I'm naming my axe diplomacy.

    My ultimate goal will be to find the biggest most bad ass thing in the game, probably a dragon, and hit it with my axe.

      Now this is a political candidate I can get behind.

      RantoClock only side steps the big issues if it means he'll get a better shot at its neck with his axe.

    Release now, damnit :(

    True, Oblivion was pretty generic. I too sunk a couple dozen hours into it, but never bothered finishing the main story. It was fun and all, but... meh. And my wife hated it. Too much brown, she said. Guess she had a point. Oh, and the character models? Sweet jesus. Like mutants. Terrible, Deliverence-esque freaks that all seemed to have the same voice. It was terrifying.

    Fallout 3, though? 100 hours of my life well spent. For that reason alone, I'll be buying Skyrim on day one.

    Next Friday cant come soon enough, been waiting for this for years.

    Meh, they can still take their price hike and shove it.

    When they said Conan vs Vikings Frazetta inspired look my pants exploded with delight.

    Pretty sure Skyrim is going to feel like a piece of cake once I'm done with Dark Souls.

    I'm not equipped to wait 11 more days for this to come out... These articles aren't making it any easier...

    198 hours my save game of Oblivion says. I didnt find it any more generic than every other rpg. I play rpg's for my character progression and the immersion of the game world when it comes to exploring. I'll pick up Skyrim some time early in the new year.

    Im excites about their new take but don't mind me some generic. Hitting skeletons with a mace inside a dark tower in the middle of a forest is exactly what I sign up for when the box says "RPG".

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