Peripheral Designed With Junks In Mind Coming Next Month

Japan's Tech Arts 3D doesn't just make video games. It also makes things to put on your junk. Some might call this unnecessary or disgusting, I'll call it multitasking.

Tech Arts 3D is the studio behind computer title 3D Custom Girl, which allows players to create custom computer girls and then do things.

Last year, Tech Arts 3D began work on the USB Onacon, a USB controller peripheral than runs on computer power. It's now going to be released. Tech Arts 3D dated this USB Onacon for a November 25 release.

Tech Arts 3D isn't new to stuff like this and is working on all sorts of sexy R&D from a mixed reality headset to implementing a whack-off machine with its games. Last year, the company focused its attention on face-tracking tech as players looked up skirts.

The USB Onacon will be bundled with 3D Custom Girl for ¥9,240 (US$120). Tech Arts 3D listed an "open price" for just the peripheral, leaving it up to retailer to decide just how much a USB attachment for dicks is worth.

Ahem [Tech Arts NSFW]

Top photo: Tech Arts 3D


    What are the odds of one of those making it past Aussie customs? I want to order one. Uh, not for me of course, for my 37 year old virgin brother who is more attracted to anime chicks than real ones.

      Modify it into a lightsaber temporarily?

      I don't think there are any laws against the device here... pretty sure you could import it. The game that's bundled with it however could land you in some serious hot water.

        3DCG is more a dress up doll simulator than porn game. I doubt customs would find much problem with it. Not every porn game Japan makes is a "Rapelay" or "Super Loli Basher 2011".

        ...Not that I'd know, of course.

          A quick perusal of that NSFW link would indicate otherwise. It also features "posing" and "actions"... Certainly the cover (isn't that it? like 7th image down?) for it would be grounds for confiscation from our customs (dunno if that'd include fine and or being charged or anything tho...)

    It's so absurd I kind of want it just for the novelty, y'know?

    Content aside, it is pretty cool though. Imagine little big planet using your actual furniture, for example. Pokemon in your local park, MGS in the townhall; possibilities!

    "What's the point, you can't **** your computer" - I was wrong...
    The next step in Biometric Identification?
    New meaning to the word "Nerdgasm."
    "My computers jammed"
    Online Spermbanks - paypal accepted
    Dairy farmer finally decides to upgrade...

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