Should You Buy NBA 2K12? Yes.

Should You Buy NBA 2K12? Yes.

NBA 2K12 is out there ready to be purchased, or rented, and played. But should you invest the time and money? Here’s Kotaku‘s Gut Check:

Stephen Totilo: Yes, though I gotta say I haven’t played the game. I played last year’s NBA 2K11 and, not even caring about sports games, was blown away. So if had to get a new basketball game for $US60, I’d get this. You know, it’s not like there are any other sim basketball games to choose from and this series has been much-loved by sports-gaming experts.

Verdict: Yes

Evan Narcisse: I’ve played NBA 2K12 at press events and demos and have been impressed with it each time. After the blockbuster success of last year’s game, 2K12 certainly could’ve rested on its laurels and coasted this time out. Instead, they’ve blown out the Jordan-centric concept of the last instalment to really nice effect. There’s a demonstrable difference in handling different players, the archival viewing mode is great and broken-hearted Knicks fans like me can finally see to it that Patrick Ewing gets a ring. I say get it.

Verdict: Yes

Owen Good: Yes, no hesitation. Having put about 10 hours into this game, NBA 2K12 is one of the most fundamentally enjoyable sports video games I have played. For those curious about the genre, or basketball, or looking to return after some time off, this is offers a very accessible entry. The moments I’ve had in “NBA’s Greatest” have sparked some really fascinating, even touching conversations with my father and those of his generation. NBA 2K12 may also be the only pro basketball appearing on your TV set for the foreseeable future. You could do much worse; namely, an actual NBA game in November.

Verdict: Yes

We’ll revisit NBA 2K12 with a full review next week. These gut checks were based on console versions of the game.


  • Says the US where the game is already available. Meanwhile on a backwater island we’re still waiting for it to be released. Eff 2k. I want my 80s Celtics damn it! And for the new My Player after watching Chris Smoove’s videos of it in action.

      • EB games, GAME and JB need to be sent a message that Australian gamers won’t pay their asking price anymore. If I can import a game for $50-60 cheaper than they’re selling I will.

        There’s only one or two retailers in Melbourne who even come close to charging a reasonable price for a new release. Dungeon Crawl on Elizabeth st in the City,

        • and Zone Adrenalin on Bourke, just up from the Corner of Bourke and Elizabeth streets. Most new releases there are sub $70

  • Having played mostly My Player in 2k11, is there much worth inme picking up this years title? I really likd the jordan mode too, that was a lot of fun, but mainly it was My Player (3 seasons I think). Is there much difference in this mode from last year? Is it worth getting this one?

    • From what I’ve read and heard, My Player has been overhauled to offer both a more thorough NBA experience but at the same time giving you the option to streamline certain parts of the season by skipping certain games to the next key game. I’m excited!

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