The Best (Fake) Video Game Wedding Picture Ever?

I just went to a friend's wedding this weekend and while it was a emotional, sincere and booze-filled good time, there was no roundhouse kicking at any point during the ceremonies.

As you can see by the pic above, that was a clear error. Especially when you consider that the groom is a games journalist in good standing. The pic's from Reddit and commenter anyja postulates that it's not actually a wedding, but most likely a staged shot on the Stanford University campus during one of the school's dance competitions.

You know what that means. Some lucky unmarried couple can still make this happen.

Best wedding picture ever [Reddit]


    Getting married in about two years. That's totally enough time to learn some form of martial arts and replicate this.

    Who wears flats to their wedding?

      My wife had two pairs of shoes at the wedding. High heels for the ceremony and flats for the reception.

      If dancing is a possibility, this arrangement is pretty much a necessity.

    One very sensible bride who still wants to be walking at the end of the night, that's who

    I had a picture of my wife listening to my pot gut under a one child policy sign in rural China. A little bit crazy but this rules!

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