Sorry, Kylie Minogue Will Not Play League Of Legends With You (Or DOTA)

But she might play Pong.

Last night Australian super pop mega icon Kylie Minogue ran an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, presumably to promote The Voice, where she is now a judge. I kept an eye on the thread, hoping she would share some hilarious anecdotes about her time on the set of the Street Fighter movie, but no. She managed to dodge that bullet.

"How diplomatic do I have to be," she said, when asked what her time shooting the movie was like. That was basically it. Gutted.

But one brilliant Redditor decided to ask her if she would play League of Legends with her. This exchange is brilliant.

Ah, the Neighbours wedding. I remember it like it was yesterday. Actually, now that I think about it, the real tragedy of this Reddit AMA is that not a single question was about Neighbours.

Step it up Reddit.


    I like reddit AMA but it seems as time goes in a more celebrities start doing them the less questions actually get answered. It was nice when AMA were a way to get to know people more but these days, it's just another marketing tool.

      Agreed. I really don't like it. They used to have AMA's about people who work weird jobs have had crazy experiences. It's mainly AMA's on celebrities now. Generally if you want to know something about these people you just have to Wiki it.

        There are still awesome AMAs out there, but I agree. Celeb ones are usually lame. Exceptions are Snoop Dogg, Seinfeld and James Cameron. Those ones were brilliant.

          Seinfeld was definitely my favourite. Some of those stories were hilarious and when that one redditor posted a photo of when he was a kid with Jerry in his car he totally remembered.

          +1 for Seinfeld and Cameron. They really showed how great AMA's can be when the celebs take it seriously and give thoughtful replies. I was particularly surprised by how grateful Seinfeld was, as he usually is a bit standoffish to fans (although who wouldn't when people constantly interrupt you on the street).

            Especially when all they usually want to do is ask you if you're still master of your domain.

          Brian Cranston's was hilarious as well.

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