The Nintendo 3DS: If In Doubt… Make It Pink

Nothing kickstarts the sales of a Nintendo handheld like the release of a brand new colour. And if that colour is pink? Well, damn — you have a phenomenon on your hands.

Why? Because men are completely stupid. Trust me, I’ve been there. The first present I ever bought my current wife was a pink gameboy. She doesn’t even really like video games. I bought it because it was pink, and I thought girls liked pink things. That was my second mistake. My first mistake was thinking buying an 10 year old handheld console for my girlfriend’s birthday.

Anyway, details. The Lavender Pink 3DS goes on sale in Australia from November 17, and it does look rather fetching. Without irony, our very own Tracey Lien left the image open just so she could gaze upon its beauty. Then she wrote this letter to Mariah Carey.

The new Lavender Pink 3DS retails at AU$249.95.

Well, that’s Christmas sorted! [Dusts hands]


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