This Star Wars Case Mod Has Doubled Its Efforts

A Dutch site recently held a competition asking people to take a stock PC case — in this case a Corsair 600T — and spice them up a little. The results are spicy.

Given the fact the modders couldn't craft their own cases (tasked only with designing a case), what they came up with is still impressive. There's the incredible Star Wars piece above, yeah, but also some neat cases inspired by Modern Warfare, Dirt and Battlefield as well.

Below you'll find the gamey entries, while the full list of highlights can be found at the link.

Winnaar Corsair Graphite 600T contest [, via technabob]


    Scout Comtrooper wins. I want one now.

    Whats going on there in the front of the star wars one with the LCD and dials and all, it looks awesome.

    Anyone know if I can get the something similar going on in a thermaltake Armor A60?

      It's the lovely NZXT Sentry LX

    The Scout Trooper is by far the coolest. The BF3 one is pretty sleek as well :)

    Yeah Star Wars one.

    Although I do quite like that BF3 one.

    What the hell is the fan size on the star wars case - Looks like a fan you put in your house.

      Probably a 25cm fan. Hard as all hell to get one though.

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