This Week In The Business: 'PSN Is An Almost Complete Failure'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "PSN is an almost complete failure." — Indie developer Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, Studio Manager at Nine Dots Studio, reacts to PSN having "low standards" and he calls out Team Meat as "loud crybabies."

QUOTE | "Consoles will continue to be gold standard." — GameStop President Tony Bartel notes the growing importance of digital, but believes consoles will be very relevant for quite some time.

STAT | 3 per cent — That's how much revenue the bottom 80 per cent of iOS game developers have to share, while the top one per cent controls over a third of the sales, showing how tough it can be on the App Store.

QUOTE | "The market is ready for SWTOR." — BioWare talks about filling a void in the MMO market with Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is "seeing huge demand" from players.

QUOTE | "Many think 3D is unnecessary." — Most gamers don't seem too interested in 3D, whether on 3DS or consoles, according to a new survey commissioned by

STAT | 50% — The substantial portion of the social gaming audience that also happens to own at least one gaming console, showing that there's more overlap between social and consoles that you might think.

QUOTE | "Wii U definitely a possibility." - Bethesda's Pete Hines comments on his studio possibly supporting Nintendo's new console with Elder Scrolls or other games in the future.

STAT | 95 per cent — The steep decline in Zynga's year-over-year profits, as analysts begin to doubt whether the social giant can really justify its estimated $US14 billion valuation based on current performance.

QUOTE | "Provide some real benefits." — Ubisoft North America boss Laurent Detoc talks about the guitar game Rocksmith and how he'd like to see more games that offer educational value beyond entertainment.

QUOTE | "You have to have an ongoing content strategy." — Activision VP Jamie Berger notes that games today are becoming services and social networks are becoming a "necessity" even for core games.

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    This is silly, most of the comments are made from people that would say these things no matter what.

    Like this one "Consoles will continue to be gold standard." From gamestop the people who push console games hard.

    I tried a PS3 with 3D glasses the other day, I actually thought it was pretty neat. Much better use of 3D than movies these days.

    yep PSN is a Complete Failure, Also there isn't any one online, online on PSN is a ghost town for all games and whats the fuss with the big hacking, Who uses PSN right?

    Comments like this i laugh :D

      u just say that because u cant afford a ps3 :)

    Of course consoles are never going away - people have been saying the same about books for decades! They fact is, if we enjoy something the way it is, it doesnt need to change, it only needs to evolve. And, Activision, SEGA was a service(SErvice GAmes)then it moved into creating games! Games are an interactive experience - not an shop.

    The Zynga bubble did burst! No gamer saw that coming...

    of course it seems like most people don't want 3D, it's overhyped with no real results.

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