Trading Places

This is Trading Places, where we collate the trade in deals currently available at the big three specialist games retailers in the country. If you have games to trade and you want to get the best deal possible, this is a pretty good place to start.

But first, a quick disclaimer – these trade-in prices will change from day to day.

It's also worth noting that both EB and GAME are upping their prices if you trade towards pre-orders.

Batman: Arkham City GAME: $46.25 EB: $46.00 JB Hifi: $40

Forza 4 GAME: $46.25 EB: $36.80 JB Hifi: $35

F1 2011 GAME: $46.25 EB: $46.00 JB Hifi: $35

Gears of War 3 GAME: $48.75 EB: $32.20 JB Hifi: $40

Call of Duty: Black Ops GAME: $35 EB: $31.05 JB Hifi: $30

Dead or Alive Dimensions GAME: $32.50 EB: $23 JB Hifi: $22

DiRT 3 GAME: $23.75 EB: $19.55 JB Hifi: $20

Donkey Kong Country Returns GAME: $42.50 EB: $44.85 JB Hifi: $40

Dragon Age 2 GAME: $37.50 EB: $36.80 JB Hifi: $40

Hunted: Demon's Forge GAME: $35 EB: $34.50 JB Hifi: $25

InFAMOUS 2 GAME: $25 EB: $23 JB Hifi: $24

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D GAME: $32.50 EB: $31.05 JB Hifi: $25

Xenoblade Chronicles GAME: $47.50 EB: $40.25 JB Hifi: $25

Dead Island GAME: $51.25 EB: $51.75 JB Hifi: $40


    would anyone really be trading in Arkham City already?

      mine has gone back already...

        wat?! really?! did you play it?!?

      So surprised that you can get more for Dead Island than Arkham.

        Yeh - me too, but its probably due to the fact that Arkham is being sold at $88 new.

        supply v demand

        the number of pre owned dead island copies are lower than Batman.

        Dead Island is sold out everywhere around my local area, and no one is charging anything less than $100 for it, new or pre-owned.

        Got Arkham City for $69 (new) at EB by price-matching K-Mart - thats only $10 more than ozgameshop to play it now! The funny thing is I havent even started it yet...

    I checked that Dead Island trade value and it came to 51.75 only with edge card 15%.

    Wow, I can buy dead island from Ozgameshop for almost the same price I'd receive for a trade in...hmmmm.

    @GnetlemanJ Have you ever pre-ordered any games from If so, did they arrive on or after release date? Curious to know...


      Well after, its coming from the UK.

        What he said. But two weeks is not that bad really.

      First game I ever ordered took 6 days. Second took 2 weeks! Its safe to say they get it to you ASAP, and their prices really are great, and they drop them down every 2 weeks or so.

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