Trophy List Reveals Batman: Arkham City's Final Playable Character

If spoilers aren't your thing, you best navigate away now. However, if you wake up in the morning to a hand-built, spoiler-dispensing machine that fires tasty, yet-to-be-revealed morsels directly into your awaiting mandibles, then hit the jump to find out Batman: Arkham City's fourth and final playable character.

Spoiler Alert

The folks over at spotted a familiar name in the updated trophy list for the game. The proof is (as it is always deliciously-positioned) in the pudding, which you may feast on below.

So there you have it. Nightwing is the fourth playable character, and what a fine specimen he is. You can view the trophy list for yourself at

4th Playable Batman: Arkham City Character Revealed []


    Is Nightwing a scientist?

      To the same extent that Batman is.

        It's not Batman!

          He didn't say he was. He was saying that Nightwing is as much a scientist as Batman is. That is to say, not at all.

            WHOOSH! Was a Simpsons quote.

    If I recall Nightwing -was- Robin. Or at least Tim Drake (first Robin??) after going off on his own. I could be wrong though, I don't normally read Batman.

      You're 100 percent correct. Nightwing is the very first Robin. He left to forge himself a new. If I remember, in the comic books, The Joker killed the second Robin.

      Nightwing is Dick Grayson after he grows beyond the point where he can be called the "Boy Wonder" without it being awkward.

      In one of the early previews for Arkham City, you can see signs for the Flying Graysons. So I'm slightly confused because the Flying Graysons were all killed before Dick became Robin.

      Then again, Arkham Asylum has Oracle (Barbara Gordan), who was Batgirl before the Joker shot and paralyzed her. And the Robin in Arkham city is Tim Drake, so I guess it only really makes sense for Nightwing to be around.

        and the second Robin was too much of a jerk, so the fans voted for him to EXPLODE! But if they didn't, then the fantastic movie "Under the Red Hood" wouldn't have been created (which comes with the Special Edition of Arkham City, even though I already own it).

          Who knew that a crowbar could be such awesome?

          Well, other than Gordan Freeman.

          I should point out that the movie was an adaptation of the comics. Like pretty much all DC animated movies.

            I know that, but I think it's one of their best adaptations. They didn't even present the identity of the Red Hood as a plot twist, pretty much anybody who read the comics knew who he was and anybody who knows how to put thier pants on in the morning could figure it out, so they wrote it as Bruce not wanting to believe it until the last moment.

            and it has Bender as the Joker!

              The casting was pretty good there, DC is always good with the casting.

              Even if Nolan North is Superboy in Young Justice, he's still rather good at it (and Jesse McCartney as Robin/Dick Grayson is good enough that I'd love to see him try to voice Nightwing).

    At least you had the decency to warn people about potential spoilers, unlike Kotaku US.

    Just popping in to thank you for the spoiler warning :) I have no interest in this game!


      No interest? But but but why? It's Batman! Batman! Or no interest in it being spoiled for you? I like to think that's the logic behind your commment.

        I am one of the few people that just doesn't really like Batman. Or almost anything DC, to be honest. I can understand why people do, just not my cup of tea.


          You have an opinion. You have a right to that opinion. No need for fanboy wars here* :)

          *You may or may not be the worst person ever. Just saying :P

          I understand what youre saying, but whether Arkham Asylum stared Batman or not it is still an excellent, excellent game!

    hehe i saw the spoilers before i saw the spoiler wording not that im complainging i dont care about spoilers.

    Im pretty sure nightwing is after Robin goes solo, and into late teen-adulthood? (Robin doesnt sound scary or that great with the ladies when you fly solo does it? ;) )

    Seems like a good addition, but can't help but already notice that it's a part of a DLC pack.

    I wonder how many hours i'll end up putting into this trying to get all the trophies

    Nightwing? ah well, spinning Oracle's wheels with a PS Move would've been pretty cool. Maybe in the next game.

    So how much is this gonna cost me?

    The picture that the link goes through to (and yes, I know it's a joke) isn't Nightwing, just regular old Robin. There hasn't been a live action depiction of Nightwing as of yet, and if there were then Chris O'Donnel would certainly be at the bottom of the list of candidates.

    I havn't followed much news about this but 4 playable characters? 40 hours estimated game play? CE comes with an animated movie? SOLD!



    So there's Batman, Catwoman, xxxxxxxxxx, and now Nightwing... who did I miss?

      Robin (Tim Drake) is a pre-order bonus.

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