Get A Load Of These Awesome Painted Miniatures

Over the weekend, the Monte San Savino show went down in Italy, bringing together some of the world's best miniature painters for a competition.

In this gallery, you'll see some of the best on show. Some are from video games, like The Witcher, some are from Star Wars, some are from history and some are just from other stuff I'll fess up and say I have no idea what they are. But they all look amazing.

These are just a few of the miniatures on display; for an exhaustive look at a lot more, head over to the gallery linked below.

Monte San Savino Show 2011 [Alessandro Manilii, via Toycutter]


    Goddamn, being a painter myself, I can't even imagine painting on this scale. That some serious hundreds of hours poured in.

    Wow Plunkett, an article NOT about a cod circlejerk?

    Did you force yourself to write this?

      Maybe take a note from his book and try and talk about something else, hrm?

    Those are great, I really admire the artists that can paint so beautifully on such a small scale. I would love to give it a go one day, but I have never been good at painting...

    Having painted miniatures for competitions myself for the last 14 years, that Orc bust is by far the best out of the lot.

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