Layoffs At Gameforge Jeopardize Free-to-Play Star Trek—Infinite Space

Layoffs At Gameforge Jeopardize Free-to-Play Star Trek—Infinite Space

Today, Gameforge, the German-based publisher of browser-based video games, laid off 100 workers in a restructuring that cancelled two games and threatens its biggest property, Star Trek–Infinite Space.

In a message to Star Trek–Infinite Space Fans, the game’s development team said that plans for the game’s beta are “currently on pause until further notice” as the firm seeks out partner in publishing the game. “For the time being, nothing will change,” the statement said, though it sounds pretty definite that we’re not seeing anything out of this game until it gets some outside backing.

At least Infinite Space is only “paused.” Gameforge’s work on titles HellBreed and Mythos is shut down, presumably accounting for most of the dismissals.

Gameforge Lays Off 100 Staff, Cancels Multiple Projects [Gamasutra]


  • I know its a bit off topic, but I would love a modern x-wing vs Tie style game in the star trek (TNG or DS9) universe. Would love to go through the career as a Klingon bird of prey captain taking out federation outposts etc. hmm can dream, but wont happen. They wont even make a graphical update for x-wing + tie games even though it would sell a mint.

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