Modern Warfare 3: The Underdog?


    Really? Not even a single fucking sentence?

      Maybe he didn't want to give his opinion that favours or insults the franchise out of fear of retaliation from the opposite side?

        Then post the quote on a damn twitter account or facebook wall.

        Maybe go into detail on the "biggest game in history" with some figures or something.

      Fear of reprisal will never be an adequate excuse to produce 0 words of content to accompany an image - or so I would hope.

      it's the sign of a quality KotakUS article

      These yanks are useless. Now cutting and pasting an image passes for journalism.

    Did he seriously just say that CoD is the biggest videogame franchise in history?

      No, I'd say he meant that the current Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, is the biggest game in history.Pretty hard to argue with it, considering it gets bigger every year. MW2 broker entertainment release records, and Black Ops broke the record set by MW2.


        Yeah, it's one of the most hated franchises of all time, and for good reason.

        Plus it's really relying on selling to non-gamers, kids, and fratboys then actual gamers.

          Isn't anyone who plays it a gamer?
          Not my cup of tea either, but I'm pretty sure that even people who disagree with me are still capable of being gamers :)

            Not really, since gaming has gone mainstream people who aren't gamers pick up popular games. Some people pick up the big game titles because they're getting a lot of attention and are popular with a need to "fit in" or to prove that they have a lot of money.

            Fratboys pick up big title games because they're fratboys and think it makes them "cool", especially when they swear, teabag, and call you fag (but they're fratboys, that's expected from them).

            Children pick up these games for popularity reasons and are still in that growing stage where they're experiencing as much as the world as they can before they find their real interests and stick to them. You ever noticed how everybody in your class as a kid played games yet when you all got to highschool the majority of them went off to follow other interests?

            It's not just games, people get into popular musicians but a large portion of people aren't what you call "music fans". People wait around for a popular movie to be released but you wouldn't call them "movie fans".

              I play games because they are fun, not to prove how much money I have or to fit in.

              Why do you make broad brush statements like "it’s one of the most hated franchises of all time"? You speak as if you're qualified to make such a statement. I see no credentials or links to sources you are referencing in your posts. I resent the fact that you like to put different people into different categories of 'gamer' as if one is more important than the other. I am sick of people complaining that games these days are catering to the masses. You know why? Because there are millions of people playing them now! People make games to make money, not to cater to some elitist punks who think they are better than everyone else because they like their games extremely hard and/or repetitive.

              Back in your box mate. Your opinion is not as important as you might think.

                Uh, dude? Have you seen the reception to the CoD series in recent years? A lot of people really hate the franchise. Go onto any forum and you will see the comments split down between loving or hating it.

                lol what? When did I say I was completely up my own ass? I said gaming has gone mainstream, what the hell did you expect me to say?

                  The hate of the franchise is only proportional to size, and as Trjn said earlier, people always hate on things that are popular.

                  Bigger = more hate. You'll find similar levels of hate directed at Battlefield, Halo, Half Life, Fallout, Starcraft, anything.

                  however, it is not hated universally - otherwise it wouldn't keep printing money for Activision. You do understand the difference between "a lot of people hate CoD" and "everyone hates CoD", right? Because only one of those statements is true.

                  Ah, rookie mistake. Whingers on video game forums do not represent people who buy and play video games, they represent the incredibly small minority that whinge about video games on forums.

                  hipster elitism, hilarious! Play what you like, dont dickride the hater bandwagon!

              Disappointing to think that all you have to do is put an easy adaptable simple shooter out there and every kid and his dog wants a copy whilst the people who we consider real gamers are browsing the horizon and are able to see the biggest marketing stunt ever played by a gaming company.
              Anyways, more SKYRIM for us!

          So what you're saying it is has mass market appeal.

          Maybe that's why it's the biggest video game in history.

          u mad?

          I find it hard to think of any qualification of the term "gamer" that doesn't include the people who buy Call of Duty.

          It's easily the biggest gaming franchise going round at the moment, which means that a lot of people who play games are playing it. It's that simple.

          Sure, there are a lot of people that dislike it. That's because there will always be people who hate things that are popular. Halo got a lot of hate for the exact same reasons. Doesn't say anything about the quality of the game itself (which is no doubt better than the majority of similar titles on the market).

            technically angry birds is the biggest franchise in the world =P sold 500,000,000 copies or something i believe. SURE not the most $$$ but thats not what we are talking about. but then again i can bring up minesweeper and hearts as probably bigger.

          Haters gonna hate.

          "Yeah, it’s one of the most hated franchises of all time, and for good reason."

          ... You can't be serious. So I will assume you're not and give you a 6/10.

            Dude, CoD is currently a "love or hate" kind of game. There are so many people who hate the franchise that can easily be found on any forum.

            There are good reasons to hate CoD, some which were patched or fixed. If you want to make it easy just look up "MW2 servers".

              I've played a couple of rounds with people, have Modern Warfare at home that I've played a bit of and plan to finish off one day.

              I'm pretty neutral towards it myself.

                I'm neutral towards it myself. I completely understand WHY it's so popular thoguh.

                What I do hate is the influence CoD has had on other games and how gamers percieve those games after CoD. Some gamers expect all multiplayer games to have killstreaks now.

        Put it this way fanboi.. I bought both the MW games on release, I got suckered in with the marketing and hype and forked out money for 2 games I barely played.

        Not this time my friend.

        This time there was a Battlefield game being released at the same time. You know, a game that doesn't have an annual release schedule. A game, in my opinion that is of all round higher quality. So I bought that.

        That's one less sale the 'biggest game of history' is getting this time around, and I won't be the only one..

        MW3 wont be anything but a huge success, there is no doubt of that, but people are beginning to wake up to how ordinary it really is. I expect it will loose a fair chunk of market share this time around.


          Yeah, I noticed I barely played MW2 or Black Ops too. MW2 was simple, overpowered and broken weapons or perks. Especially that damn knife. The last time I actually played it regularly was when I started hunting Nuke boosters. Yes, the only reason why I kept playing the game was because I was preventing other people from exploiting that broken system.
          Black Ops, while a much better balanced and less broken game, still didn't get that much gametime from me. It's the only game where I can get a high K/D ratio, many killstreak rewards, and still not have fun. Frankly I'm getting tired of the "1 second gunfights" that's inspiring every other game.

          On the flip side, I've already worked up about half as much gametime in Battlefield3 then I did in any CoD game. It's the only multiplayer game that actually kept me up until 6am to keep playing it, whereas CoD kept me up until I got fed up.

          Frankly I'm not a CoD hater, I do like the series and did play many LANs back in the day with the original PC games. But I am really annoyed at the influence it has over other franchises and the audience it has drawn.

          "Doesn't have an annual release schedule"

          2002 - Battlefield 1942
          2004 - Battlefield: Vietnam
          2005 - Battlefield 2 + Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
          2006 - Battlefield 2142
          2008 - Battlefield: Bad Company
          2009 - Battlefield: Heroes + Battlefield 1943
          2010 - Battlefield: Bad Company 2
          2011 - Battlefield 3

          Technically I guess they missed 2003 and 2007, but they did release numerous expansions and booster packs.

          Sorry, what were you saying? All I heard was "I prefer this game so you must be wrong!"

          I am projecting, quite conservatively, an expected increase in sales based on the increase that happens every year.

          I guess it's true that Modern Warfare 2 sucked so hard that thousands of people boycotted it - oh wait, most of them bought it anyway, so I guess that's not true at all.

          I guess since I bought Bad Company 2 but I'm not buying Battlefield 3, I'm going to have as much impact on you as you'll have on Call of Duty - absolutely none. And I'm not the only one skipping BF3. Well actually since I expect Battlefield 3 to scrape about a third of MW3's total sales, my choice to not buy BF3 is proportionately larger.

          I'd also like to point out that MW3 is the last Call of Duty game I expect to give a toss about - I plan to see how the story wraps up and leave it there. The series may well go downhill next year (actually since next year will probably be a Treyarch release that's practically guaranteed, given how awful Black Ops was), but by then I will cease to care.

            To be fair Matt, you've lumped in an arcade title, several PC only versions and a couple console only versions in there. It's hardly the same thing as pumping out the same game for console and PC on a yearly cycle, with the same general launch date.

              Firstly, that's garbage, because they're still Battlefield games, created and sold for profit (you'll note I excluded Play4Free, though I'm sure they're profiting off it otherwise EA would have killed it by now).
              I don't see why we should be making distinctions solely because they decided to limit themselves by platform.

              Furthermore, they were made by the one studio, DICE.

              Well why don't I apply my own special logic and say that Call of Duty doesn't see an annual release cycle because neither Infinity Ward or Treyarch released a game in consecutive years? Why should it matter that they came out with the same name and were released by the same publisher?

              People point to this annual release cycle as if it's a bad thing, as if cranking out games at that rate makes them poorer quality somehow - they forget that 2+ years of development goes into each one.

                All I heard was “I prefer this game so you must be wrong!”

                Actually if you wanted to sum it up in one sentence, I said that Battlefield is a better series than COD and that people are starting to realise this.

                You should try not defending COD so hard.. Its great that you can muster such passion for what I believe to be a such boring arcade shooter but it doesn't mean that its 'the greatest game in history'..

                  Don't put words in my mouth, I never said greatest - and I never will.

                  I was supporting the remarks about "biggest", which are yet to be disproven.

                  Part of me wants to know on what you're basing your apparently objective claim about BF being the superior franchise. Another part of me stopped caring a few posts ago.

                  You're still using your preference as a basis for your assertions.

    I... I don't even! WHAT'S HAPPENING... But on topic... WHAT A DOUCHE

      Why don't we wait for a reputable journalist from KotakuAU posts the interview from which this quote came before we go throwing names around.

        FFS Chazz. You don't like Kotaku, then stop cluttering up the comments here. Make like a tree.

          Que? I like KotakuAU.

    what the hell kind of article is this

    I'm sure if I looked at all, I could find this image on Reddit and there will be a comment near the top complaining about karma whoring.

    no one thinks of cod as the underdog at all. they have cod xp + cod elit, two ways for fans to sink more money into the series after paying for the game. you don't see a battlefield convention? and battlelog is free right? so how is cod the underdog in any respect? especially after he proudly boasts it's allegedly the biggest video game franchise in history...

    I would like to be a writer for a gaming blog in the US. Please find attached my resume

      With those skills you have there, I think Serrels better watch his back.

      Hey look, he posted an image of the average CoD player


        Your trolling but...
        Having gone to the midnight launch last night, I was waiting around for 12am and I couldn't help but notice quite a lot of mothers standing there with their (about) 10 year old kids waiting to get this game.

        Forgetting the fact its an MA15+ game for a second, I have to wonder WTF kind of parent has their kid out at midnight on a Monday night?

          I'm not really trolling, just continue a gag/meme about the typical CoD players. Of course I know that not just kids play games online (even though I avoid and mute them at all times).

          Although, that's sad that parents are bringing their 10 year old kids to a midnight launch. Don't they have school tomorrow? I would still raise an eyebrow even during school holidays.
          If you're an adult, fine. It's your choice to go to a midnight launch, even if you do have work/school in the morning. But these parents seem to be teaching their kids to be selfish and that they can get whatever they want whenever they want.

          Also they're the reason why it's hard for Australia to get an adults rating for videogames. If parents can't even notice an MA label what chance will they notice an R rating?

    I'll be interested to see how MW3 sales compare to MW2 sales, as there doesn't seem to have been as much hype or anticipation around MW3 as there was around MW2.

    I just hope the wood ducks at Infinity Ward have implemented 'local only' match making, how it was ever omitted from MW2 is beyond me when it had previously been implemented with great success by Treyarch in [email protected]

      Oh hey! Someone else who knows how important local searching is! :D

      I'm only acting surprised because many Aussies actually insult me for always wanting that option.

        MW2 on ps3 always matched with other australians/new zealanders after a patch was released a couples post release. Was great fun and a good game.

    i think the title says everything that needs to be said about this image/quote. 'WTF' and 'are you serious' are insinuated responses

    This is just proof of how out of touch Activision is with it's consumers.

    Im seriously thinking should just distances themselves from the intire US gawker network.

      Oh, wouldn't that be nice. Less articles, but none of this bullshit.

    "Underdog" is certainly a stretch. In Australia we have a term that is a lot more apt. And it definitely applies to Call of Duty.

    As Bob Hawke said: "We have a way of dealing with tall poppies in this country: we cut their heads off!"

      The whole 'tall poppy' syndrome is stupid, it's bred a culture that instantly casts a negative light on anyone getting ahead of anyone else, especially people who have worked hard to get where they are. It promotes a kind of 'hater' attitude against people who are willing to get off their ass and do something and reinforces a misconstrued notion that if you try hard at something you're a 'try hard' and effort is for losers. It's not cool to put effort into what you do, if you're successful at something it better be because you lucked out and fluked it, otherwise you're a tosser.

      What a bunch of BS.

        Nobody said anything about the amount of effort successful people put into things or whether such success is deserved. The Tall Poppy Syndrome doesn't occur in a vacuum next to the viewer, the one of great success openly boasts of his stature so as to separate themselves from the unsuccessful (or even their audience, if they are that bigoted.)

        To claim that something which is both considered successful AND mainstream by the public as the underdog is an incredibly arrogant statement. It only received the ire of some of its audience once it was a success, he's trying to make out that it had to struggle its way through the hate to get to where it is today.

        Success and the effort that contributes to it is its own appraisal.

    "Underdog" lol you have to be kidding me.(Especially after seeing the budget that would have gone into that Live action TV spot) That is a stretch indeed.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Call of Duty 1 And UO was and still is the best of the series.

    As much as Activision has whored out the Franchise, there will always be a special place in my heart and memories that cherish the moments of fighting with the 101st airbourne in France on D-Day. Fighting with Price as part of the British 6th Airbourne and Charging Stalingrad with the Russian Soviet Red army.

    IW had it right. The Campaign was long and satisfying and the multiplayer was a nice touch. I miss those days. Noone plays the original COD anymore online.

    2004 was a golden age of PC gaming.

    is this like a journalism equivlant to rickrolling?

    Sorry, this technically isn't an article, it's a fucking BANNER. A single image. Jesus.

    Why is this whole post such a problem for people? It's a quote from Eric Hirshberg. If I had not seen this kotaku post, I would not have known about it. I found it interesting. Simple. I didn't need there to be an article written with it.

      Because this is KotakuAU, not KotakuUS nor is it Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. :P

      At least a link to the interview that this quote came from would be nice.

        eh, I'm happy with kotaku throwing in ultra short posts inbetween longer ones, just means it can be my one-stop-shop to glance at throughout the day

          RSS feed?

            I'd never get any work done :P I prevent myself from even having a kotaku shortcut

    Article TL;DR

    Played BF3 for a while, felt it was completely broken compared to BC2. MW3 I couldn't really care about. I enjoyed the campaign of MW2, but was bored with multiplayer.

    Screw them both. I play Gears.

    This just in, Activision CEO full of bullshit. In other news, there is a sun in the sky during the day.

    I asked him about it on Twitter, and apparently there were technical difficulties. The full article is up on KotakUS now.

    If MW3 is an underdog, I'm Jessica Simpson.

    And I'm not Jessica Simpson.



    I fully expect my Xbox Live friends list to start lighting up with people playing MW3 - it happened for Halo Reach and Black Ops where at any given time heaps of people who I'd friended thru other games were on these two big titles, interestingly BF3 has not had the same impact - out of my whole friends list its only been me and my brothers which suggests maybe I need to get some new friends!

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